Saturday, June 14, 2014

early birthday...

It's my birthday next Tuesday. V will be away for work, so we decided to make this weekend a bit of an early birthday celebration...

The wee girl woke up at 7am as usual, and we had cuddles and a feed and a play in bed, always the loveliest start to the day!

At her leisure...

Scored my presents from V and Evie early!

Nike roshe runs from V, many many chocolates from my considerate daughter hehe

After breakfast I tidied the house, did the laundry, cooked a batch of veges up for the kiddo...

Put the slow cooker on for tea...

Was settled down with a cuppa while the kiddo took her morning nap, when V announced he was taking me out to lunch at The Lagoon, and my parents were going to babysit Evelyn - awesome!

• Everlane silk shirt
• Cue skirt
• Hogan shoes

Champagne, don't mind if I do!

Grilled haloumi, asparagus and cherry tomatoes with a balsamic reduction

V reported that his seafood chowder was very tasty!

OMG-lobster! This was to-die-for. Also, V's John Dory with scampi was pretty great

Honey wafers with strawberries, berry creme fraiche and cream anglaise, nom!

Such a beautiful afternoon, it was so lovely to get out for a few hours with just the two of us, have a delicious meal and a few drinks, and enjoy each others' company. I hope to make more moments like this for V and I, I think it's so important especially now that we don't have as much free time for each other as we used to. Catching up properly and reconnecting, not talking about the baby - let's face it, that's got to make us better parents too.

Looking forward to the rest of the weekend! Just so long as I don't turn 32 until next week haha


  1. What a lovely early birthday celebration. The food looks amazing.

  2. What a lovely early birthday celebration. The food looks amazing.

  3. That lunch looks absolutely amazing. Glad you got spoilt this birthday :)


    1. I was very spoilt, I wasn't expecting it which made it even nicer :) x