Tuesday, June 10, 2014

lovely long weekend...

What an amazingly perfect long weekend we have just had! V had all three days off work, and we just had the best time hanging out as a family

Saturday morning, V had an appt with the optometrist - we had fun helping him pick out some new glasses and sunglasses! And found time for a selfie hahaha

Stopped off at His Boy Elroy for an always-amazing coffee...

We decided to grab an early dinner at North Pavillion, they make the most amazing woodfire pizzas!

Deciding what to have is clearly a very serious business...

Pizza! 😂

Sunday morning cuddles with my loves...

Had a lovely morning of Max Brenner hot chocolate and a play at the park...

Started a fantastic new book!

Kiddo had a lambchop for her tea - went down a treat!

Monday morning we grabbed some coffees and pastries from the Three Chimneys...

Yeah, I don't even know what this is 😂

Keeping up with my resolution to keep a paper diary this year!

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!


  1. What a fun weekend! Looks lovely Cate! How is the paper dairy going?

    1. Eek I wish I could say I was on top of it, it's a struggle when I'm so used to electronic diaries! I'm working on it x

  2. Looks like a fantastic weekend! I spent mine finishing a major research paper...so not as fun hahaha.
    J read 'Bad Science' by that same author...that book looks really interesting, might have to give it a read!
    Evelyn is just gorgeous - her little bows are too adorable!


    1. Oh wow, sounds like a big weekend you poor thing, glad it's over! I adore Bad Science it's one of my faves x

  3. Kind of unrelated, but how do you get those hairclips to stay in Evie's hair?
    Hairclips/headbands are the bane of my existence at the moment, Audrey has an almost emo-fringe going on and she keeps pulling everything that I try to keep her hair out of her eyes out.

    1. With great difficulty! haha She does tend to pull them out if she notices they are there, I rely on her forgetting about them and distracting her x