Wednesday, July 9, 2014

not-so-wordless wednesday...

Oy, is everyone #timcahilling today? I can't say I am quite dedicated (read:crazy) enough to be getting up at 2am to catch the World Cup games live, but I am watching the highlights and replays and wow, Brazil, what happened? Those first 25 minutes were unbelievable! 

Nice little snap taken by V from the top of the tower he just finished building down Goulburn way - gorgeous view but absolutely freezing apparently!

Speaking of the man, he has been working night shifts this week - while this involves sleeping during the mornings, he has been up and about late afternoons and Evie has just been so chuffed to see her darling dada during the week! (I've been hard pressed to keep her away from him while he sleeps actually, she has taken to banging on the bedroom door and yelling DAD! hahahaha)

This week marks my third week back taking Pilates classes (barre class to be specific!), and I am LOVING it! It feels ohmygosh amazing. And E seems to be enjoying her regular Monday morning play date with her nana

My latest ultimate breakfast obsession - rye toast, avocado and bacon! Perfect for sharing with the small one (well, save for the bacon of course!)

Being indoctrinated into the Big Red car cult with her cousin 😂

Have been frequenting a brand new cafe spot that has opened in Keiraville, absolutely amazing coffee and the food is good and very well priced. Plus some of the best service I've seen in a while!

Adores her books! "Reads" to us all the time hahahaha

"Why aren't we moving?"

"I think I'll just rest my head here for a second and zzzzz...." 😂

In other news of great hilarity - we came home from dinner on Sunday night to find half a paper bag in the living room, the other half mysteriously vanished... Only to be discovered when I found a very sadfaced Jade in the bedroom. I actually laughed for about fifteen minutes. This is usually boofhead Jasper's trick!

It was so brilliantly sunny today (albeit chill!), that we wrapped up super warm and headed to the beach for a walk and a nice hot coffee 

My coffee date - enjoying her new warm, cosy pram liner 😊

I am off to get the washing in before the tiny one awakes, and maybe a cup of mint tea might feature in there somewhere too! I hope the week is being kind to you all! Commiserations Brazil!

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  1. My husband is on permanent night shift & for now it works perfectly for us for the extra daddy/baby hours. So lovely for them to have extra time together but I can totally relate to keeping the little one away, same story in this house only he crawls up and down the hall chanting Dad Dad Dad.
    I have somehow managed to get through the last how ever many days without watching any football, and not even on purpose. I must not watch enough tv!