Thursday, October 9, 2014

random ramblings...

Hola! Another wonderful week - so glad school holidays are finally over, there is NOTHING on during school holidays for teeny humans. No library, no music, niente! Boo to that.

My gorgeous aunty has been over this week from New Zealand, with her family - so lovely to catch up! It's been a year since we last saw her. Lots of coffee and shopping, and BBQs, and vino heh

Treated myself to lunch at lee&me last Friday while the kiddo was at daycare - having two hands and no distractions really added to my level of appreciation of this vege burger with chips!

Grabbed this cute little wooden cloud from my local Kikki-K on sale - how I love saying that, my local Kikki-k hahaha Same as my local Country Road, Mimco and Trenery - woot for developments in Wollongong! 

V has headed off for another fortnight for work - mounting a telco array on a tower such as this one...

Is it any wonder our daughter is a climber? 😂

Loves her uncle P beyond all measure...

Meet my stalker balloon - likes to follow me around the house at night. I tie him to a chair at night for fear of waking up to him hovering over my bed 😂

Cleared out most of the tiny one's outgrow clothes, boxes worth - gave most away, sold a few key gems on eBay. And kept a hanful of special pieces - nostalgia is not minimalism's friend!

My cat likes to hide in boxes...

In seasonal news, I have volunteered to organise the Vogue Australia KK gift exchange this year - given I am not back at work, and I lurve all things Christmas, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Possibly I am insane hahahaha we shall see, cross your fingers and toes I don't mess it all up!

Is it wrong to start planning (maybe even shopping) for Christmas, in October? Just stocking fillers of course. And V's gift. And some cards. I need help!


  1. I had a customer the other day come in to work FINISHING OFF her christmas shopping!! How is THAT for organised!?
    Jasper is so cute.
    Aaaand I could never be minimalist. I am way too sentimental hahaha.