Monday, November 3, 2014

early Christmas cheer...

I've been Christmas shopping! Mainly online - naptime = shoptime, amiright? Trying so very hard not to get carried away with presents for E - she is only 1, and doesn't have much idea of what it's all about. I am trying to limit myself to a few tiny gifts for her stocking, and some books

Her "big" present is one of these gorgeous Maileg ballerina bunnies (just a small one!) I have been unable to track them down in Australia, then had the brainwave that our Danish friends, who are coming over to spend Christmas with our family, may be able to bring one. Genius! Sorted 😊

Image courtesy of

The most amazing summer storms have been rolling through these past few days! I'm not usually a tropics/humidity fan, but I cannot deny how spectacular these bad boys are!

Grabbed a quick drink at local watering hole 3 Chimneys before tea the other night - here's cheers to a kiddo who will happily sit in a high chair and colour in (pro tip - always, always pack crayons and paper!)

The Yalumba rose was absolute perfection, lovely and dry. I permitted myself some minor hysterics that V's cocktail was "gin and juice" haha

Caught up with the lovely Tash from beachsidemumma for lunch! Are you all in love with this Bazaar cover? I adore Diane Kruger, and that Chanel dress, I mean!

Have any of you started Christmas shopping yet? Are you an obsessive, plan-in-advance type person, or a last-minute buyer?


  1. I haven't done a single bit of Christmas shopping.

    Um, that dress is amazing! Aren't the colours beautiful.

  2. I thought of you and Evie today because I was in the Zara Kids section and there was a t-shirt that literally said, "All cats are grey" then there were some cute cats and the bottom line said "in the dark" close enough hey? So cute! I should have got a pic!

  3. Huh.. Xmas? Shopping? Oh nooo erm.. I have done nothing.
    That picture reminds of me of the Target girls collection that has just been released. The ballerina tutus. If only I had girls.