Tuesday, November 11, 2014

post-baby body blues...

So, here is where I talk openly and honestly about how things are for me 12 months on, physically. If you don't like hearing about "lady issues", or are bored by the after-effects of childbirth, close your browser window now!

I was extremely lucky to have an enjoyable, low-risk pregnancy - and despite the fact that I am an older mum, I "bounced back" very quickly in terms of how my body looks.

A few days before I gave birth to Evie...

And a few days after - not exactly like the movies, where the bump just magically disappears hahaha

Externally, all is fine and dandy, and was pretty much back to normal within a matter of a few short months. (Hello skinny jeans!) Internally, is a different story.

I was so smug during my pregnancy. I felt well enough to exercise, did tons of Pilates, and was religious about my Keigels (still am!) I dread to think how things might be now if I hadn't have taken so many Pilates classes! As they say, pride goeth before a fall...

Pushing out almost 8lb of baby in under an hour left me with nerve damage that is yet to resolve, and a significantly weakened pelvic floor.

My Physio tells me that if my tone hadn't been so good during pregnancy, the effects would be much more notable. As it is, I can happily say I have no major bladder issews, I can jog and jump without fear - but I am at low-grade risk of prolapse. Which means that things like jete'ing across a ballet studio, or going for a run, are off the cards indefinitely.

It's easy to say how it's all worth it - of course it is! I would take far worse, to have my little girl safe and happy in my arms. But it's unhelpful to downplay the impact of this sort of thing. It often gets me down - it's difficult to accept that things may never go back entirely to the way they were before baby.

I am sharing this because I am entirely confident I'm not alone in my experience! Pregnancy, labour and birth are hard on the body, and leave lasting effects - we should feel comfortable discussing them, and hopefully we can all feel a bit better knowing we aren't suffering alone.



  1. Appreciate how honest you are :) fwiw I admire how you kept your fitness up so much during pregnancy. As someone who is struggling to conceive naturally due to pcos and endo I am hoping follow a similar approach to you with pilates and staying healthy when I am lucky enough to finally get up the duff! As for the other issues would a c section for the next bubba help minimise the risks?

  2. Thanks for sharing, sounds like you're doing a great job! I