Friday, January 2, 2015

summer nights...

I know I whinge about summer on here, a LOT. I offer no apologies for this - I am quite simply not built to cope with high temperatures and humidity. Ick. I don't tan, I don't even burn - I fluoresce, then go and quietly die for a few days. And seeing the video monitor reading 30 degrees in my baby girl's nursery, leaving her hot and sticky and crying, unable to sleep, even with the aircon and fan blasting? That has me yelling at poor V that I hate this country and I want to move to New Zealand. Or Iceland.

But I will give you this, NSW Australia - these hot summer nights are really great for socializing!

V and I headed out for date night last week, to Diggies, who do dinners during summer...

The food was very nice, although I did somewhat regret my choice of beer-battered fish and chips when I saw the king prawn salad which looked amaaaazing. The panacotta was a dream!

Tried out the new small bar in town last night, the Throsby, with my book club...

Amazing wine list (their rose of the day was delish!), great cheese selection, and service with a great big smile. It is literally a small bar though, so you may have to wait a bit for a table, definitely worth it though!

(For those who asked, we just finished up The Book of Woe - my choice, an absolute tome on the reworking of the DSM - maybe in time I shall be forgiven! Hahahaha We are moving on to lighter fare next).

Cannot believe that I start back at work, at my new job, in a little over a week! Nervous and excited all at once. Almost 18 months of maternity leave will be a hard thing to shake off!

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  1. Hey Cate

    At this particular moment in time, I will swap with you.

    I am in France and it is only 5 degrees - I hate the cold and long for summer.

    France does get hot but nothing like Sydney.