Tuesday, April 7, 2015

of autumn's mellow fruitfulness...

Without a doubt, autumn is my favourite time of year.

My sister is in Fiji at the moment, and I'm only a teeny bit jealous (well, maybe a big bit haha) - because it's 18degrees and windy/rainy here, but oh so warm and cosy inside our apartment. You see, I'm weird like that. Give me a cold-weather getaway over tropical most days.

Ripped denim and wool jumpers and giant mugs of freshly brewed coffee - heaven!

In the spirit of autumn, I have some quince poaching in the slow-cooker - a chicken slowly roasting on looooow heat - and some rhubarb and strawberries gently poaching (I think they want to become a crumble for tonight, unclear as of yet.) The rain and the wind are beating against the windows, and I'm loving it.

Here's to the cool and the breezy and the red-and-gold, to crisp apples and hot coffee, to warm scarves and ugg boots.


  1. Not at all related but as a local reader I had to share my joy at the fact that our DJ's finally stocks SEED! Watch out credit card - they have the most divine kids clothes.
    I thought you may share my delight.

    1. Oh my goodness this is fantastic news! Not so good for the bank balance hahaha Can't wait to check it out next time I'm in town thanks for the heads up xx

  2. It's the perfect time of year for snuggly jumpers - my favourite! The weather was so odd today. I hope your sister is having a great time.

  3. I love winter fashion but that's about all. We're in Queensland and our house is freezing! It's built for summer not winter, so it's often colder inside than out. Check back with me next year though - we're looking to buy a new house in the new year so next winter might be a different story when I can snuggle up inside and enjoy the winter fashion and crisp breeze outside.