Friday, October 16, 2015

home sweet home...

You know it's been awhile when your family start checking up on you haha So this is motivated by my lovely sister!

The absence has been due to the recent completion and settlement of our long-awaited off-the-plan unit, and the move. It was just epic. As first home buyers, the process was utterly foreign (and off the plan lends an added element of the unknown!) Thank god for a good legal team and an amazing lending manager at our chosen bank.

Here is a brief catch-up on the past few months in our new place!

From the chaos of moving, and packing boxes up the wahoo...

To waking up that first morning in our own, actual place. Magic.

And parents who come over to help, and bring bubbles! <3

This room is far and away my favourite place, love hanging out in here with the tiny person.

The outdoor area does come a pretty close second, especially in the early evening with an amazing sunset, or first thing in the morning.

Watching your humans move house is exhausting!

We were pretty sensible but did treat ourselves to a couple of new furniture items - couch fans beware, our catscratched leather "beauty" is being replaced in the coming weeks haha

Christened the place a few weeks back with some good friends and their little people...

Speaking of - this one has settled in really nicely. After the first week of asking us to "go home, not the new house!" she is completely at home here (although she does still refer to it as the new house, which I suppose it is). Helps that we didn't move far, just up the road. There is much more space here for her, and she loves riding her scooter around the outdoor patio area. 

We have been blessed with some truly amazing neighbours, including our across the hall neighbour who I went to school with! In a nutshell, we are very happy here. I love having my own space, that's really mine, to do whatever I want with (strata permission pending for some areas heh)

Promise to be back sooner rather than later!


  1. Such a big lively patio area!

    Sounds like you have had a very busy time. Congrats on the new home :)

  2. Congratulations on your lovely new home. Sounds (and looks!) like a great place to live - enjoy!