Thursday, January 28, 2016

back in the saddle...

I don't quite know how to begin, after so long away from it. To say I feel rusty would be an understatement!

We remain in love with our new home - cannot believe it has been almost 6 months since we settled on our own dream apartment and moved in. I've never felt so at home.

Christmas was just - well, you know? Amazing...

And here we are, almost a month into 2016 and I'm still having to catch my breath and stop my head from spinning. So many wonderful changes. A new little nephew. A new job! And a little girl who is so bright and funny and brilliantly shiny. My little star. I'm excited for what the rest of this year will bring!

Stay tuned for many more posts, promise


  1. A random reader here and I have missed your posts! Welcome back!
    I never started a blog but always wanted to. Time and work got in the way. So I have just followed a long a few bloggers from the old vogue days, and I have been sad to see quite a few close their blogs just due to life/dwindling interest in blogging anymore. But it's interesting to see how a blog transitions through life cycles etc.

    Happy blogging!

  2. Yay for a great start to 2016 :-) and I've loved every shot of your apartment you've shared, clean lines and so organised!

  3. Yay for a great start to 2016 :-) and I've loved every glimpse you've shared of your apartment, clean lines and so organised! I need to declutter!