Thursday, September 24, 2009

get me to the church on time

This is a little illustrated tale of what happened to me last week, on the way to a friend's wedding...

I was all dressed up, wearing my prettiest dress, and a ribbon in my hair. I wore my favourite shiny, black shoes.

I took the train to the closest station, and called for a taxi. And waited....

And waited....
No taxi...

To be late to a wedding? Unforgiveable!!

At least I had a nice place to wait...
So beautiful in the bush...

♥ Dress by Secret Squirrel
♥ Heels by Tony Bianco


  1. so cute, nice bows! x candy (&lux)

  2. Lovely headband! :) So did you get there on time??
    xx Aelie

  3. secret squirrel tuxedo dress?
    very very cute <3 (indiechloe)

  4. Looking lovely! I really like the blue tights (and the gorgeous surroundings). -Romilly

  5. Thanks girls! Yes, I did manage to make it in time for the ceremony (just)!