Friday, September 25, 2009

casual chic (cameo by Miss Jade)

I have been thoroughly enjoying my boss being away for the fortnight - I can wear whatever I like to work! Accordingly, my dress style has gone from corporate-chic to casual-chic. Inspired by the Alexander Wang models and their luxuriously big, messy braids, I have tried the side-braid myself, to some limited success I like to think. 

My kittycat Jade was insisting on being in the photos, so she gets to make a cameo in this one. I think she does a pretty good job as a model...

♥ Skirt by Lover
♥ Top by Supre
♥ Wedges by Tony Bianco
♥ Necklace form Etsy
♥ Cat (Miss Jade) from the RSPCA

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