Monday, September 28, 2009

recent purchases

I am so excited to have finally found a good online stockist of Mink Pink clothing! I always seem to find that the items I want sell out in my size so quickly instore, so online purchasing seems to be my best option (plus the prices are so much cheaper!)

Today I placed an order with for two lovely springtime-ey Mink Pink items...

"Coming up roses" dress

"Chantelle" waisted skirt

Cannot wait for them to arrive!!!


  1. Oohh I've been eyeing that Chantelle skirt! Gorgeous purchases <3

  2. sweet! i'm gonna check that website out as well. thanks for the link! :)

  3. Highly recommend that site girls, their prices are really good, and postage is very cheap!

  4. ooo how much is postage? I'm glad there's a good Mink Pink stockist out there

  5. It cost me $7.70 postage (registered overnight post) :)