Saturday, October 3, 2009

rain, rain, go away...

There is something so soothing about listening to the rain falling, especially when you are all warm and cosy inside, rugged up in a blanket, with a cat or two for company. Spring rain showers tend to be light and gentle and temperate, without the usual accompanying cold of a chilly Winter day. However, this can make Spring such a difficult season to dress for!

Teaming a pretty, floral skirt with thick tights and a woolen scarf helps me keep the Spring-time vibe alive without completely freezing!

♥ Mink Pink "Chantelle" skirt
♥ Top and beanie by Country Road
♥ Scarf made by Cate
♥ Wedges by Tony Bianco


  1. Lol I agree completely, hearing the raindrops pitter patter against the window when you're warm inside, watching a good film with some hot chocolate... heavenly :)

    Such a lovely outfitt
    Perfect for tricky weather, whilst still looking amazingg

    Great blog btw :)

  2. O my gosh! You and I are taste twins, hun! I have those exact Tony Bianco wedges in that colour and also the exact Mink Pink skirt but in a different pattern. So it goes without saying that I think you look super adorable.

    Thank you for finding my blog because it means I've found yours. I saw in your profile you're a lawyer in waiting :D I'm working as a solicitor here in NZ. Good luck with your law career!

  3. Cute floral! I like listening to rain at night, too :)