Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sarah blasko, I think I love you...

I have long been a fan of the musical stylings of the lovely Ms Blasko, ever since I discovered "The Overture & the Underscore" back in 2004. Her music envelops me like a warm, soft blanket, and makes me think of dancing in a field of poppies, the stars on a summer evening, a half-awake, half-asleep hypnotic dream.

And I have recently come to the conclusion that not only is she a talented musician, the girl has style! I have been seeing all these photos of her in various gorgeous outfits, and I am completely in love with her style, the way she dresses, her hair, her whole look.

So this is my little pictorial tribute to the (non-musical) stylings of Sarah Blasko.....

I adore the colours here! So unusual, but it really works!

Love a bow-tie on a girl! I am desperately looking for a similar bow-tie for myself, my little one just doesn't cut it now I've seen this.

Magenta + ruffles = gorgeous.

This photo is just to-die-for, from the butterfly on her dress to the light in the background, glowing like the moon.

I WANT THIS DRESS!! It's lacy and white and has flowers, I love it!

How cute are the polka dots on this dress? Do I flatter myself too much in thinking her hair in this picture looks a bit like mine???


  1. totally looks like your hair! im new here but i looked around and then thats what i thought when i saw these pics of sarah! lovely photos yes!!