Saturday, November 21, 2009

what I wore - weekend

Spent the morning shopping in Paddington with my sister and mum - on the hunt for a wedding dress (for my gorgeous sister) and bridesmaid dresses (one for me, yay!)

 Mink Pink "The Illusionist" skirt
 Tee-shirt by Country Road
 French Connection bag
 Leather cuff from Ricochet (in Wellington, New Zealand)

Headed out for dinner this evening for a birthday party - many gin&tonics were consumed, the perfect tipple for a balmy evening.

 Tank dress from Paddington markets
 Heels by Tony Bianco
 Pearl, jade and gold necklace from Turkey (wedding gift)


  1. Both these outfits are fantastic. I love your little blue bag and I have major hair envy :D

  2. seems like a really nice weekend in Sydney! i love your outfits and that necklace is gorgeous! i wish i knew how to tie my hair like yours.

  3. Lovely outfits... and such BEAUTIFUL hair! It's amazing!

  4. Why do you hide your face?

  5. Seriously - your hair colour is fantastic. Want want want.

  6. Partially because the blogs that first inspired me to create me own we those like Le Blog de Sushi - I loved the mystery of the semi-concealed face, it looks so cute! And I like the fact that my face isn't being fully displayed across the internet.
    Plus, don't laugh, but I get very self-conscious about my face in photos - I don't like my profile, I have what you might call an "aquiline" nose. So I prefer to hide my face. x

  7. I love your "day" outfit from head to toe and your hair looks amazing!

  8. u completed stunning!!!
    fab shoes,adorable dress and awesome necklace <3333

  9. Cute outfit, and I love your hair! Next time you do it like that can you pretty please post close-ups so I can erm, blatantly copy it?