Friday, November 27, 2009

wild thing...

you make my heart sing...

Wore my hair in plaits today to work, of course when I unravelled it upon arriving home, this ^ was the result. I decided it made me look, and feel, a little bit WILD. (Excuse the shocking re-growth, it is being re-reddened in just a few weeks time!)

Felt like putting on some short shorts and dancing round like a wild thing, like a bit of an idiot to be honest. Had some good news on the job front this morning. I am not taking ANYTHING for granted, not until I see the ink dry on the contract, but cross your fingers for me people in blog-land! (And watch this space)

A little bit redneck, no? But in a good way I hope!

I am also in an extra-specially good mood this evening because I have just noticed that the lovely Rebecca from The Clothes Horse commented on my last post - she liked my outfit, AND my hair! This made my day - I think I have a serious case of blogger-hero-worship happening.

 Forever New rolled denim shorts
 LAB (Local Art Base) tank dress from Paddington markets


  1. for a moment, i thought you had permed your hair! somehow curls make one feel kinda wild aye? love the colour of your hair :)

  2. well love ur amazing hair :))
    rocked yeah baby :DD

  3. You look nice with curly hair too CateG!