Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve...

We spent new years eve at a local beachside restaurant, with cocktails, bubbles and canapes, followed by a two-course meal. There was live music, fireworks, and a DJ later in the night.

The plans for tonight - so excited!

Best seat in the house! Not quite sure how we managed it, but somehow we ended up sitting right at the edge of the balcony seating area, with an unimpeded view of the water. So beautiful.

Our view of the beach and the ocean.

The headlands and lighthouse at dusk, all lit up.

Some canapes - pacific oyster with chilli ruby red grapefruit salsa, and citrus cured salmon in a wonton basket with salsa verde.

We had unlimited drinks - beer, champagne, mimosas and something delicious involving prosecco and cassis.

Fairy lights and balloons.

Confit duck salad with beetroot, fennel, watercress and goats cheese with an orange glaze dressing.

V found a beer with the same name as his surname, and was very excited. I tried a French 75 cocktail - gin, champagne and lemon juice, refreshing and tangy.

Happy New Years!

Perfect view of the fireworks.

Trying a Chinadoll cocktail - kiwifruit, lychee, mint, vodka, grand marnier and lychee liquer. Had to try this because the husband said I look like a chinadoll tonight. It was very delicious.

Mascapone nectarine tart with homemade vanilla bean icecream and blueberry coulis.

More drinkies...

Hope everyone had a lovely night!

 Emmaleeha 'Lovely Dovely' dress
 Tony Bianco patent stilettos
 Tiffany & Co rings
 Key necklace from Kerry Rocks
 Mimco magazine clutch


  1. you looked gorgeous Cate! and what a great seat you and your husband got at the restaurant! with lovely food and company, i'm sure your 2010 will be great (:

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I remember I went to this restaurant here in Melbourne that's on the beachside as well. I loved it so much! If I have the kaching again, I will definitely re-visit it.

    I stayed at home the entire day reading a book while bf goes to work (on NY day!!!). We are very boring people. Lol!

  3. Oh darling, Diggies! MY Diggies! The best place I have ever worked. I miss it so much. Did you know they go through 60 of Ben's sourdough bagettes every two or so days, and an equal amount of loaves? I don't know where they're putting it all!

    Glad you had a beautiful time. Love you xxx

  4. that is a very pretty dress, happy New Year!

  5. looks like a lovely lovely night gorgeous girl

    so happy that you and the boy had such a wonderful night and such wonderful seats and amazing food

    can't wait to have coffee with you there again some day - it was a lovely place

    happy new year's sweets

    luv us

  6. Sounds like a perfect New Year's eve - ocean views, a pretty dress and great food... What's not to like? Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Sabine x

  7. I also love this dress - tried googling the brand but no luck! Where did you get it? Thanks, M x

  8. Hi M,
    Sorry, I spelt the brand name wrong! Its 'Emmaleeha', it was created in collaboration with Valerie Tolosa. That dress is called the Lovely Dovely dress, I got it from a local boutique about 3 years ago, so not sure whether its still available.
    But you can definitely buy the brand online. x

  9. happy new year! your day looks like so much fun and that food looks YUM! :)))