Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bye bye 2009 - postmortem and pondering...

I cannot believe that the year is drawing to a close, and 2010 is nearly upon us! This year has gone past in a whirl of colours and sound, happy times and sad times, and momentous changes. I am the eternal optimist, most of the time, so I like to try and focus on the positives...

My top 10 moments of 2009 (in no particular order):
1. Being admitted to practice law. Definitely the most exciting, rewarding and wonderful moment of the year, after 7 years of blood, sweat and copious tears, it was all worth it.
2. Lunch at est. following my admission. Definitely a momentous occasion.
3. Finding my fantastic new job on my own initiative, and finally getting back into the area of law I want to practice in. The prospect of no longer commuting to work is a bonus!
4. Celebrating my first wedding anniversary with my husband in September. I think we now qualify as an 'old married couple', which seems sort of nice and cozy.
5. Discovering Gossip Girl - how did this tv show elude me for so long? I am officially in love.
6. Finding our beautiful, beautiful townhouse we are currently renting, its like a magazine home and I love it.
7. Meeting a couple of really beautiful, lovely girls with whom I am now friends for life (they will know who they are!)
8. All those days I arrived home from work tired and grumpy, to find my husband had bought me flowers.
9. Being tested for swine flu! (It was negative. And yes, I know that is funny one to include, but it seemed so zeitgeist-y I just had to.)
10. Making my first purchase of designer clothing online - terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

I have so many dreams and aspirations for 2010. I don't like to list these, or even promise myself anything too concrete. I know that the next 12 months will bring wonderful things, and sad things too - but I am always happy to swallow the bitter with the sweet, and know that things will be beautiful in the end. Just call me Pollyanna.

Happy New Year to all in blogland, and may 2010 be just wonderful!


  1. What a wonderful year you've had! Hope you have an even better 2010 xxx
    PS. Outfit shots from tonight will definitely be posted!

  2. Happy New Year Cate!

    I wish you well in your career! You have certainly worked very hard for it! 7 years!

  3. Happy New Year Cate! Oh looking back on 2009 it certainly feels like a long year!

    What a lovely list to sum up yours


  4. Love your blog! Hope you have a fantastic 2010 x

  5. Love you so very much, precious woman. I'll never let you go! xx

  6. mwah my gorgeous girl - we love you lots and lots too


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  8. Thanks so much girls!
    Amber, Wends, my life is so enriched from knowing you both (see point 7) Love you both heaps! xoxo