Wednesday, December 30, 2009

recent purchases...

After much deliberation I have finally purchased this gorgeous nude/blush crepe slip lace dress, from the Rodarte for Target range (the dress on the left)...

It is pink and tulle-y and fairy princess-y, and has BOWS on the shoulders, catering to my all-time favourite obsession. The colour is much more beautiful in real life that in this picture, as seen modeled recently by Rebecca at The Clothes Horse.

I am so, so very excited, I have been wanting this dress ever since I saw the range advertised, but sadly my local Target store doesn't stock the designer collaboration lines, and I knew I would never make it into a Sydney store in time before it all sold out - so I turned to ebay, and the many American girls buying these dresses to sell. Luckily I managed to snap one up at a VERY reasonable price (I thought!) I cannot wait till it arrives!

Image courtesy of Google Images.


  1. The prices are so high on eBay! I really really want the bow shoulders dress!

  2. I know, considering it retailed for $34.99 US, and most sellers on ebay have doubled the price, it is so annoying! I actually contacted a seller direct and asked what she'd sell if for - she said $60 US, so I went for it.
    Keep looking hun, I'm sure the prices will start to drop soon, there really are heaps of them out there. x

  3. Ohh dear, I think you've created a lemming, Cate! It is perfectly your style too. You know, we'll all demand pretty pictures when it arrives!

  4. I'm glad you found it at a reasonable price; I've been looking at eBay and some of them are going for so much!

  5. Haha oh no Ruby Rach, now you need to hunt one down! I have Rebecca to blame for my lemming the in first place, for making it look so pretty on her blog! :D

  6. That is so gorgeous. Target in the US is sooo much cheaper than here! :(

  7. Beautiful frock, I'm usually very skeptical of the designers for Target collections but I love Rodarte and that particular dress is so pretty.

    I look forward to pictures modelled by your lovely self!