Monday, December 7, 2009

what I wore to work...

Its always nice to have a day when we aren't sitting in Court - I don't have to wear anything too formal, I can relax and experiment with colours.

My point-and-shoot sadly doesn't capture the gorgeous colours here very well - the top is a lovely blush colour, and the cardi a gorgeous shade of peony. I need a good DSLR! Santa! Please!

I LOVE that this skirt has pockets! I think it should be mandatory for all skirts to come with pockets.

Sadly the camera flash has made my bobbypins looks ridiculously shiny!

Couple of close-up shots of my (admittedly messy) braided 'do for Laura...

I was informed by the x-ray technician checking my neck (after my little accident last week) that I have "an unusually long neck" - wondering, do I in any way resemble a giraffe in this photo???

This is one of my favourite pairs of shoes - also one of the most uncomfortable I own, but still, just gorgeous, and worth the pain.

 Mink Pink "Elastic Fantastic" skirt
 Forever New top
 Country Road cardigan
 Andrea Jouen heels


  1. I totally agree. Pockets are awesome! Gorgeous outfit :)

  2. second the mandatory pockets for skirts! love the outfit as always. :)

    i too have a pretty long neck and my mom actually got me a photo frame with a giraffe on it because she says my neck's lanky like a giraffe, in a joking way of course. but don't worry, you don't look like a giraffe in that photo!

  3. Hello CateG,

    I like the way your hair is done! And long necks are incredibly sexy!!!

  4. Hi There :) Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, think I might attempt the double braids tomorrow for work!

    Thank you for the comment, always nice to get them! haha. I actually frequent your journal often but i'm one of those "shy" people that just admire it from afar. Your outfits are always lovely.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend.


  5. Your hair is definitely not messy, it's so perfect! x

  6. What a stunning outfit. You look gorgeous and your braid is so pretty! I wish I could manage to master one for myself, but I am HOPELESS with my hair!

  7. Gorgeous outfit lady, love the shoes. xox