Thursday, December 3, 2009

admission & establishment...

Do you swear that you will truly and honestly conduct yourself in the practice of a Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and that you will faithfully serve as such in the administration of the laws and usages of this State according to the best of your knowledge, skill and ability? - I do.

Today I was admitted into practice - I am so proud of myself right now, it feels like the culmination of 7 and a half years of study, hard work, sweat and tears.

My husband and my parents came to the ceremony with me - the partner of a law firm I worked at last year, an old friend, moved my admission. I felt absolutely surrounded by affection and positive energy, I could see how proud they all were of me, and that made me feel amazing. I could not have made it through all those years of study without their continual love and support.

Headed out to lunch at est. after the ceremony, mmmm best lunch ever. Started out with a glass of moet, then...

salad of Italian buffalo mozarella, fresh figs, shaved fennel and pomegranate

nage of lobster claw, scampi, moreton bay bug, broad beans, green peas and chervil

glazed duck breast with panfried nectarine, fried polenta chip and pak choy

rocket, cucumber, radish, cracker bread, goats feta and mint salad

pan roasted lamb rib eye, globe artichoke, confit tomatoes, zucchini flower, panisse and tapenade

assorted petit fours

self-portrait in the bathroom at est. (just for laffs)

 Cue dress
 Table Eight jacket
 Tony Bianco heels
 Paspaley pearls


  1. SO HAPPY FOR YOU! You looked simply amazing, of course, as you always do.

    So much love to you, my special friend.

    Amber xx

  2. Wow congratulations hon that's amazing! Love your outfit and the food looks divine x Sushi

  3. well.,.love sweet black dress and adorable blazer :))
    lovely ur hair <3 <3

  4. Congratulations Cate! You look amazing :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS gorgeous - foods looks delish !!!!

    luv wen

  6. Congrates Cate!!

    I have recently just graduated from my Masters as well.

    Very best to both our futures!!!

  7. congrats Cate!! :))) good luck to your bright future!

    ps. looking very lovely as usual too and the food looks soooo good.

  8. Congratulations lovely, it's such a special day. And what a gorgeous admission outfit! xx

  9. Congratulations on being admitted!
    Jealous of your est. lunch, too.