Saturday, January 9, 2010

choc-candy-cane cookies...

I know its about 38degrees out there today, but I was in the mood to bake something sweet and delicious. I found this fantastic Donna Hay recipe for chocolate-candy-cane biscuits, and decided to give them a go...

A definite bonus with this recipe is that it used up all the leftover candy canes I had lying around from Christmas.

I love Donna Hay recipes, they are so easy to make but always really impressive in terms of the end result. I have literally never had a Donna Hay recipe not turn out perfectly.

Flour, cocoa, vanilla and egg. Note how beautiful and yellow the yolk is? (Well, the photo doesn't do it justice). It was laid by happy hens living on my parents' property, free of hormones, antibiotics and anything nasty. Best eggs ever.

The finished product - they smelt so fantastic coming out of the oven, all minty and chocolatey and delicious. And they taste really amazing - ten out of ten. Thanks Donna!

I doubt these will last very long in our house!


  1. OH YUMMY !!!!

    They look amazing :)

  2. nom nom nom

    they look soooo delish !!!!

    wen xo

  3. OMG so yummy!! I have some leftover candy canes so I am going to try this! Thanks Cat :)