Thursday, January 7, 2010

taking it easy...

Yesterday morning was spent relaxing with coffee and breakfast at lee&me cafe, my absolute favourite place, then wandering round the fresh produce markets in town.

Raspberry, white chocolate and marshmallow muffin, possibly the yummiest ever invented.

I love hydrangeas, they are possibly my favourite flowers. These ones are in such beautiful shades of blue and green.

This was my first attempt at creating an outfit with one of my poor, neglected 'shopped-from-my-closet' items of clothing, my sass&bide fringed tee. I really liked the suggestion of Wikifashion and Lola that I team the tee with my usual ensemble of shorts and tights. The tee is sadly a little bunched in these shots, but I really like the overall look.

 Sass&Bide tee
 Sewn shorts
 Chinacherie at etsy bronze bow necklace


  1. I knew that would look great and it does :) That muffin looks so yummy! Love your blog, it's on my blogroll :)

  2. Yay, thanks! And thanks for the suggestion for the top too.
    Seriously, that muffin is to-die-for, that thing on the top is a big, toasted marshmallow, nom nom nom

  3. I love hydrangeas too! I'm having them at my wedding next weekend!! I'm glad they are still lovely at this time of year.

  4. Hi I was wondering why you always wear tights? Just out of curiousity...unusual considering its summer and all :)

  5. - I so wanted hydrangeas for our wedding flowers, but we were married in September and they weren't in season. Good luck for your wedding next weekend!

    - Haha I guess it does look funny seeing someone in tights in this heat! :D I just really like them, I love the way they look with shorts and dresses, its a weird sort of combo but I really love it. If its stinking hot I definitely don't wear them. I should probably take photos of some of my more summery outfits lol.

  6. YUM!!! I want that muffin!! You look gorgeous and I love hydrangeas too, they smell so lovely.

  7. nawww you look gorgeous hun

    that muffin looks FAB - I'm def coming down more often for coffee with you - I wish you wern't so far away otherwise we'd be having coffee moments galore !!

    luv you heaps
    wen xoxo