Friday, January 29, 2010

friday on my mind...

Gonna happen in the city
Be with my girl, she's so pretty...

Had a shocker of a day today - absolutely horrible, I was on the verge of tears several times. I just kept repeating under my breath, "five more days, five more days" (until I finish my current job and start my new one). Sad to feel that way about a job... I really don't want to talk about it right now though, I'm in a good mood and don't want to bring myself down.

Anyway, the saving grace of this Friday for me was V and I heading out for a delish dinner at a really nice restaurant. It was partly a bit of a 'date night' for the two of us, but also to celebrate his fantastic new job - congrats V! I love you and am SO proud of you and your career achievements

I wore this gorgeous peach/blush Sewn dress - I love that its totally trans-seasonal

These Tony Bianco "maya" flats just arrived the other week  - I was slightly concerned about them, having heard some feedback that they were really uncomfortable. But I have to say they are one of the most comfortable pairs of flats I own, I have been wearing them so much this summer

I love the sweet little buttons and the ruched bodice - I am a sucker for cute details

Being a Lord of the Rings geek-girl, the cute little tree on this pearl bracelet puts me in mind of a Lothlorien tree

This is a seriously amazing restaurant!

V's minute steak with rocket and balsamic dressing, and special handmade chips

A scrummy (and slightly blurry) vanilla bean pannacotta with a mango, strawberry and lychee salad

Best. Tira mi su. Ever!

Happy Friday to all in Blogland!

 Sewn dress
 Tony bianco "maya" flats
 Tiffany&Co rings


  1. That panna cotta looks sooo good for summer.
    Your dress suits you so well.

  2. you look delightful.
    chin up - 5 more days then you can shine like you deserve to.

  3. That dress is so cute!! Perfect for winter with a gray faux fur vest and gray ribbed tights. Or a black lather motorcycle jacket and tights and booties. Anyhoooo...

    The food looks divine!

    Have a lovely weekend, thank you for your comment, Sailor Moon rocked!

  4. Sorry to hear about your job, I can completely relate about having a shocker day. Spent the last two days in the ER with my boyfriend who has just been released from hospital :( I hope the next few days go really fast for you and you can start your fab new job xo

  5. here is the bear dress - the cheapest for sale on ebay.

  6. Just bear with it hun...only 5 more days like you said!

    I really love the blush coloured looks so good against your skin tone! And the flats are lovely!

    I have never had handmade chips before...must be quite a treat!

  7. Hope you feel better now.
    Your food posts are seriously killing me right now.

    That dress looks stunning on you, you have such a lovely figure.
    You look tall, are you?
    I am a sad 158cm.

  8. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments girls - reading them has been cheering me up no end, I feel so much better for them, so thankyou

    Slavisa - I am 167cm tall, which I have always thought of as being below average height, people always tell me I am short. But I have also been told I look taller than I am on here. Maybe I should credit V for his camera skills :D

  9. love your bracelet!