Friday, January 29, 2010

I am a rebellious sweetheart...

My sretsis windsor purple double bow dress arrived in the mail yesterday - completely made my day!

I have been wanting this dress for so long, and finally managed to track down one in my size online. It fits me perfectly, the right length and everything - I absolutely love it

I lovelovelove anything with bows on it - and these little beaded ones are so damn cute!
My little well-done-on-getting-your-fantastic-new-job-and-hooray-for-starting-in-a-fortnight!  gift to myself

I tried it on with a black Country Road singlet underneath for modesty. Think I can probably get away with wearing nothing underneath at all *shock* (not much cleavage to worry about revealing!)

 Sretsis double bow dress
 Tony bianco "maya" flats


  1. Oooh, I might hate you a little for having that dress. I covet it. It looks gorgeous on you; the color goes so well with your hair and skin!

  2. So cute, you look amazing in it! The purple looks so rich against your porcelain skin :)

  3. You look gorgeous! I love how you work with your pale skin - power to us pale girls!

  4. I want it so much! And I agree, that colour is perfect on you! You look great :-)

  5. You look amazing!

    Xoxo Nannous

  6. Oh cute! The bows make it, my mind boggles at how many gorgeous dresses you must have!

  7. I really love this dress! I wish I can get it still!

  8. This is such a cute dress, I've wanted it for ages! Looks great on you :)

  9. Wow that dress is adorable!! What a gorgeous thing!!! Err I thought I'd comment after stalking your blog for a while but never actually commenting (I'm lazy that way haha) but I'm SO EXCITED because you're a GONG GIRL!!!! ME TOOO!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, is that the restaurant next to Lee&Me??? Haven't tried it out as of yet!!

    OH and guess what, another link between us is that...I think your Dad's an ortho?? WELL my Dad's a dentist and I'm doing dentistry in Adelaide!!!!!! If you don't mind me asking, does your Dad practise in the Gong? If so, I BET my Dad knows your dad!!!!! Oooh coincidences!!! xxxx Deb