Friday, January 22, 2010

of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest three are "might have been"...

Its been one of those days today, unfortunately. Where everything seems to go wrong, when everyone seems to be out to get you and upset you. Not a nice day. The lowlight for me was the much-anticipated lunch event that never happened. The plan for today had included partaking of the 6-course lunch special at Marque restaurant with a group of my colleagues - and much to my great sorrow, work commitments got in the way and I had to eat lunch sitting at my desk (thinking wistfully all the while of my friends enjoying their delicious lunch). *le sigh*

To add insult to injury, I had dressed especially for the occasion in a new dress and my favourite heels (and despite how much I adore these stockings, wearing them in Sydney heat today was no joke!). All dressed up an no place to go. At least I could draw some consolation from the fact that my office is air-conditioned, and I was dressed nicely  - that's always a comfort.

I made V take these pictures of me when I got home - I wasn't going to waste my nice outfit! Plus it cheered me up.

My lovely, lovely mum bought this dress for me this week (along with numerous items of sleepwear) from the Peter Alexander outlet store in Sydney - the dress is actually daywear, I am not wearing my nightie in public!

My attempt at a twirl...

The dress is a really lovely shade of peach sorbet, which my modest little digital camera doesn't really do justice to.

I just adore these Forever New stockings! It was sweltering hot today, but they just MADE the outfit, so I suffered and wore them, and it was totally worth it.

My beautiful Christmas present necklace from V.

Anyway, hooray for Friday! Hope everyone had a better day than me

 Peter Alexander dress
 Forever New stockings
 Tony Bianco heels
 Necklace from Kerry Rocks
 Rings from Tiffany & Co


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad day Cate - I had one of those days at work on Wednesday, they suck!

    At least you look gorgeous - love that dress <3


  2. OMG, I cannot believe you wore stockings today! *lol That's fashion dedication, props to you.


  3. hi, would love to see a tutorial on your beautiful braided hair.

    Your blog is wonderful.

  4. That dress is divine on you Cate! And lucky with the key necklace, it's beautiful :)

  5. I love the goes very well with your skin tone!!

    I have tried on a few Peter Alexander chiffon daywear dresses too but they did nothing for my body shape and skin tone.

  6. Love the dress- you look lovely!

  7. What a pretty outfit! Despite what you said in the 'too fat for fashion' thread, I think this dress gives you a gorgeous shape.

    The colour and ruffles - just divine!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend to make up for your horrible Friday!


  8. I don't understand tights on a warm (or worse) day but the whole outfit sure is beautiful!

  9. I hate days like that :(

    Your outfit is lovely, that colour is awesome on your skin.

  10. Sorry to hear about your awful day :( At least you looked beautiful, that dress is absolutely stunning! <3

  11. Love those forever new tights so much! I have two pairs and wore one today to work (get so cold with the aircon on) x Sushi