Monday, January 11, 2010

postcard from abroad and... cookies!

When I went to check the mail this morning I was surprised and elated to find a postcard from Venice! It was from the lovely Ana B over at On Dressing Up - she is currently winging her way around Europe, the lucky thing, and took the time to send a few postcards to fellow bloggers, which I think was just so sweet!

In other news, to celebrate the slight respite from the oppressive heat we have been having in NSW, I spent the morning baking more goodies, including these fun and colourful smartie cookies...

I noticed as I was going that I seemed to be making a LOT of cookies - I ended up with an entire Le Creuset mixing bowl full of dough! Then when I checked the recipe I realised it was for 60 cookies - oops. I froze half the dough, rolled into a log, for next time.

These were truly delicious, and I am not going to own to how many I have eaten already!


  1. That's such a sweet thing to do :) The cookies look very good Cate! I really hope you're feeling better soon ♥ I know how annoying injuries can be, I've put my back out a week ago and can barely move still :(

  2. I love postcards!

    I never thought of collecting them when I go overseas, I should start.

    Yes, I notice a lot of sinful cookies photos lately! Lol! Desserts are good. I just made chocolate ripple cake. :D

  3. Those cookies are possibly the most adorable things I have ever seen! Yum!

  4. Love postcards and cookies! Where did you get the cookie recipe?

    Looks like you're making the most of your time off.

  5. postcards are lovely, aren't they? esp if it comes as a nice surprise.

    those cookies look darn good!

  6. Oh my goodness, those cookies look soooo delicious! How I wish I could bake.

  7. Oh lovely! The cookies look grand. :)

    Xoxo- Emily Anne