Saturday, January 30, 2010

rebellious sweetheart, take two...

Tonight V and I headed out for dinner at a really fantastic Turkish restaurant.

I lovelovelove my new sretsis dress!!!! Of course I jumped at the opportunity to give it its first official outing.

With heels, this dress is killer! Its the perfect length to make my legs look really long (which is a nice change haha).

Wearing the double bow dress sans modesty singlet - I think it looked so much better with nothing underneath, and V agreed.

This is officially my new favourite dress.

Yummiest mixed dips platter EVER!

Islim kebbabi - delicious lamb mince wrapped in eggplant, braised in tomato, herbs and pinenuts, served with rice.

This is a really nice semillion, easy-drinking and great with spicy, middle eastern food.

Mixed cheese pide.

Turkish garlic sausage pide.

 Sretsis double bow dress
 Tony bianco "foxie" heels
 Mimco magazine clutch


  1. Wow! The dress looks great with heels and a clutch. The food looks so yummy too.

  2. So pretty Cate, love this dress with those heels :)

  3. Your dress is divine.
    I love your clothes a lot. :) I like how you keep things very simple.
    As for Turkish food - I adore it! I live near Sydney Rd Brunswick and it is the hub of great Turkish food. I love that cold bean salad, and cabbage rolls, and dips and kebabs and OMG everything!
    Thanks for posting.

  4. I thought (from Vogue Forums) that you were a vegetarian?

  5. The dress looks so good sans singlet! And I love the pairing with stockings and heels! I love black stockings...can't wait for autumn again!

    The food looks so yummy!

  6. I love how you pulled off that gorgeous dress! The food looks so good, yum!

  7. what a gorgeous dress! it looks absolutely divine on you Cate (:

    ps. do you mind me asking where you got it from?

  8. that is some definite food porn. looks delicious. <3 C

  9. Love the dress! It really suits you.

  10. Love this frock, it's very girly yet classic. I really like it sans singlet underneath. The colour is great with your hair too.


  11. Thanks so much lovely ladies!

    Szela - I actually bought the dress from a Voguette

    Anon - yes you are correct, I am a vego. But when we go out together, V often takes the opportunity to eat meat dishes :D My meal was the cheese pide

  12. Oh I love the dress on you so much! And good on you for being brave and going sans singlet. It really does look so much better without :) The food looks delicious too yummmm x Sushi

  13. Oh my gosh! The colour of that dress with your hair and skin tone is stunning! I love the style of it too - its gorgeous!

  14. Oh how I adore that stresis dress! Gorgeous on you.

  15. Gorgeous dress and shoes! What was the name of the restaurant if you don't mind me asking? I am Turkish myself and I still couldn't find a good Turkish restaurant in Melbourne- and i live close to Sydney road! :)

  16. The dress is so lovely, and I think its cuteness downplays any risque factor when you wear it without a singlet. Love it.