Friday, February 19, 2010

valentines day picnic...

Despite the grey, drizzly weather last Sunday (aka Valentines' Day!), we decided to head out on our planned picnic anyway. Hey, I had spent AGES making all those delicious little treats for us! Plus it wasn't pouring down, just gently misting. And we knew the local botanic gardens would be nice and quiet and we could sit and eat under the beautiful pagoda overlooking the stream...

The picnic hamper, chock-full of goodies...

Moet&Chandon rose imperial - this is one of my favourite champagnes. The fact that it is pink is just a massive bonus IMO - who doesn't love a pink drink?

These beautiful champagne glasses were our special toasting flutes at our wedding - Vera Wang sterling silver "Love Knots" glasses. They have bows on them, which makes them perfect in my eyes. (I actually have the matching mirror compact haha!)

I made little heart-shaped sandwiches, and little heart-shaped sponge cakes filled with fresh cream and strawberries.

Heart-shaped shortbread cookies sprinkled with raw sugar, and the sweetest, yummiest little rose biscuits from Rheims, France (but we bought them fromThe Essential Ingredient in Kingston).

The picnic hamper was a wedding gift from friends of ours, we use it all the time - thanks T & J!

The rain was so pretty, falling gently around the pagoda...

Because of the weather, we essentially had the entire gardens to ourselves! It was so misty and romantic.

The Japanese footbridge...

Clearly I was dressed for comfort over style, but V insisted on the obligatory outfit shot.


  1. I have been SO lazy with blog commenting this past week. Your Valentines picnic looks gorgeous, love the VW glasses.

    Also, one of your outfits a few posts down, tshirt, sass and bide jeans, heels... lovely.. so simple but effective.

  2. How gorgeous! The scenery looks absolutely beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful day, thanks for sharing.

  4. O my! What a perfectly romantic Valentines day. I had to click on the picnic hamper for a closer look at all the gorgeous and delicious looking goodies - rose biscuits from Reims!!! I love it.

  5. So romantic!! I want to go on a picnic now.

  6. Great to hear that the new job is going well! I love love love your outfit, and looks like you guys had a lovely Valentines Day! <3

  7. You look gorgeous - and comfortable! You do casual chic so well :)

    Oh my gosh, LOVE your picnic! You picnic just like I style, hee hee.

    Don't you just love the Moet Rose?! Heavenly and I agree, it's... pink!

    Adore your flutes, I've admired them in DJ's - so pretty!

    <3 xx

  8. So romantic! I love that you found such a perfect spot for it. Your outfit is perfectly valentines-y, comfort or no! x