Friday, February 19, 2010

love, your valentine...

I know its ridiculously overdue, but Happy Valentines' Day! (for last Sunday, eep) The combination of computer/internet issues, and having started my new job this week (which I am just loving btw), have meant poor little blog here has suffered a bit of neglect - I promise to be good all weekend to make up for it!

Anyway, I wanted to share my Valentines' Day pics...

V went to buy the paper in the morning and returned armed with this amazingly gorgeous, gigantic bunch of red roses and tulips and little white bell lillies.

They smell so good!

He also got me my favourite chocolates, yay!

I made heart-shaped buttermilk pancakes for breakfast -I couldn't believe how well this one turned out!

V made his into a smiley face with strawberries



  1. Wow the flowers are really beautiful!!! They really look like photos that people put on their flower shops' websites!

    How do you make heart shaped pancakes? I have a hard time just keeping them to a round shape!

    I hope you are having fun at your new job! I have just got a job offer just yesterday after 2 to 2.5months of depressing job seeking! The company didn't mind that I am not a resident as long as I can show that I am applying for PR and can remain in Australia permanently.

    You should change your profile info to BIG TIME LAWYER!!! Hehe!

  2. Glad to hear you are loving the new job :-)

    My husband went to get the paper on Valentines Day and returned with flowers too. Aren't they lovely! xx