Saturday, March 20, 2010

i keep waiting for a cool change that never comes...

Ok I am well and truly over this summer - how is it still this hot at the end of March? Have the Weather Gods gone crazy? I am hanging out for that cool change, and for autumn. Summer, begone!

A massive thankyou for all of your lovely comments and words of support yesterday, I really appreciate it. Cancer is such a terrifying thing, and I am honestly petrified, despite the positive prognosis. Right now, I am focusing on the positive...

This morning, I distracted myself a bit with breakfast with V (the man has been an absolute pillar of strength for me in this, bless you V!)

 Sewn shorts
 Supre singlet
 Kitten crochet shrug
 Tony Bianco gladiator sandals

Two large campos cappucinos...

My yummy breakfast - white peach and passionfruit baked ricotta served with strawberries, white peaches and King Island Dairy cream. Yes, I ate a massive chunk of cheese with some cream for breakfast, what's your point? :D

V ordered the roll (again!) - the waitress jokingly suggested he should branch out a bit in his breakfast choices. V told her he just knows when he's onto a good thing.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh and I forgot to mention - I. Hate. This. Heat. Too.
    It's back to summer all over again.

  2. Your breakfasts are always superb. I maintain that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day to dine out. I hate cereal and toast, so I always welcome a fantastic cooked breakfast.

    Your outfit is also great, again. I hope your skin is better after the Lush disaster.

    And glad you're holding up ok after the sad news about your loved one. I am sure that your strength and positivity will help them too.

  3. I am so sorry to hear your sad news, lovely lady. :( Take care of yourself. Let me know if you ever want a chat, have had a few family members go through this and I know how scary it is. (andrea[dot]eames[at]gmail[dot]com)

    A xx

  4. I'm exactly the same with the warm weather thing, I just want it to cool down so I can wear pretty winter clothes!!

    My heart goes out to you for your sad news, hopefully it all turns out okay, thank god they caught it early!

    Your breakfasts always look amazing!!

  5. your hair is so shiny- tell me everything re your products

  6. sorry about the news, hopefully it all works out.

    I love your outfit, lovely soft colours and I really adore your hair, I've wanted to go red for a very long time now but keep putting it off as its not really in my budget.

    All that food looks delicious aswell