Thursday, April 1, 2010

i can't wait for the weekend to begin + 10 things...

Hooray for the Easter long weekend! Isn't it absolutely fantastic to wake up knowing you have the day off work, and the weekend hasn't even begun? Loving it.

I actually woke up around 6am this morning with the most HORRIBLE sinus migraine. Icky. V was dispatched off to the chemist as soon as they opened for Otrivin sinus spray and panadol, and I had to just sleep it off.

As I was feeling about a million times better by midday, V took me out for a very late breakfast (well, lunch for him) at Yum Yum! cafe. How cute is that name for a cafe? We love it there, they have the best range of yummy baked goods.

I love this dress so much! Its colourful and fun and soooo comfortable.

It actually belongs to my sister - I believe she bought it in Singapore somewhere? It has no label anyway. I had a major brain-fart last weekend when I was packing to travel down the coast for her wedding, and neglected to pack any summery dresses for the heat, and so had to borrow one of hers (which ended up travelling home with me haha). Its nice having a sister the same size as you, your wardrobe instantly doubles in size! Pity her shoes are so small....

Mmmm they make the best coffee ever at Yum Yum! cafe - and in a mug large enough to swim in. Perfection.

Gah, this photo turned out all blurry! This is the yummiest pear and raspberry bread in the world, they make it on the premises and it is delish!

In other happy news, I received a blog award from the lovely Carly Findlay - thanks Carly!

I have to list 10 things that make me happy - here they are in no particular order:
1. My wonderful husband V, who I love to pieces - who else would put up with my crap and my annoying personality? Without him, I would be only half of a whole.
2. My family - 'nuff said.
3. My two adorable kitty-cats, Jade and Jasper. For their cute ways, their unconditional love, their cuddles and kisses, and the sound of them purring on our bed every night as I fall asleep.
4. French champagne - it is impossible to feel sad when you have a glass of Pol Rogers or Moet in your hand. The look and feel of those little bubbles, the divine taste... definitely happy-making.
5. My job and my clients. Nothing feels so good as helping people out, knowing you've made things a bit easier for someone. I hope I still feel this way in 5 years' time!
6. My friends - at work, old school friends, new friends. I love the company of the people I love and care about, it never fails to make me feel happy.
7. Brunch on the weekend with V - anyone who reads this blog will know how obsessed I am on this subject haha.
8. Reading, reading and more reading! I grew up without a television in the house, my parents were very much into literature and reading, so I was a prolific reader from a very young age. I devour books whole and then go back for a second, third, twentieth time. I am currently re-reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes for the millionth time, savouring it.
9. Music - my taste is best described as eclectic, and ranges from Mozart to Florence and the Machine, but my ipod is usually always plugged in and pumping.
10. Food - from fine dining to late-night-hot-chips indulgences, I adore my food and don't see this changing any time soon.

Happy Easter long weekend to all in blogland!


  1. The dress looks lovely on you! It's a nice print too. You should "borrow" it permanently. ha ha !

    If there is one thing in the world that is unfair, its being sick on days off work and holidays.
    Get better soon!

  2. Love this cafe name! So cute :) Glad to hear you're feeling better! Love the dress, I wish I could borrow from my sister, too bad for me she's 6'1" and I'm only 5'4" :(

  3. Love the frock and I am partial to a glass of Pol too. Good enough for Mr Churchill, good enough for me! I love listening to Florence belt out dog days are over...Happy Easter. You must be relieved about your mother. Remember, when one of your parents has or might or is remission from cancer it's always a Journey. Have a great break Kate xx

  4. That dress is so adorable! :O is pear and raspberry bread actually bread, or is it like banana bread which is CAKE in disguise?

  5. You OWN that maxi dress. What a gorgeous cut, it looks stunning and the colours compliment your hair and complexion perfectly.

  6. Lovely frock, what beautiful colours! I am also very envious of those stunning tresses of yours.

    Happy to hear that your mum's surgery went well, and all the best for continued successful treatment. My mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour a couple of years back, so I empathise - it's the most awful feeling in the world, as though you've woken up in a nightmare.

    Happy Easter!