Friday, April 2, 2010

bunny brigade...

The Easter weekend - when we can devote ourselves to pigging out on chocolate and hot cross buns. What's not to love?

The bunny brigade! Easter gifts for my family - are you sensing a theme? Yes, I LOVE Lindt chocolate! Probably doesn't help that I work just around the corner from the store.

I have to admit though, my personal current chocolate obsession this Easter is Cadbury crunchie eggs, mmm...

V and I spent the afternoon at the local botanic gardens, having a picnic with my family. And guess what? I FOUND THE EASTER BUNNY!

Our beloved picnic hamper (with yummy Italian amaretti biscuits!)

Mmm, Piper-Heidsieck champagne... I love the cute little cooler that came with this bottle, its definitely going to get a LOT of use in our champagne-crazy household!

Yes, I know I am officially crazy for taking crystal glasses on a picnic - but as far as I am concerned, it is nothing short of criminal to drink French champagne out of a plastic cup *ugh*
The glasses are Royal Dalton cut crystal, we received them as an engagement gift from a family friend.

The Easter Bunny!!!!
V and my brother were laughing at me, 'crazy Cate, there's no way that bunny is coming over when you call it' - I had the last laugh when it bounded across to me for some lettuce and a pat!

The Easter Bunny liked lettuce and carrot, but even better than that was the bread and the fruit salad! The grapes and apple were his favourite...
(Clearly this was someone's pet bunny who has broken free and ended up in the gardens - I even picked him up, by the scruff, as you do with bunnies, and he didn't panic at all. In the end we decided to leave him there. Hope that was the right thing to do)

 Sewn shorts
 Shilla top
 Sewn waterfall jacket


  1. Awww that is so so cute :) I would love a bunny, but unfortunately they're illegal in QLD. I too am obsessed with Lindt :) Happy easter Cate.

  2. Oh so, so, so cute! Loving the opaques with flats and shorts, it's modern classic without being too up yourself. ♥

  3. Love Lindt! And the gorgeous bunny!