Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my love affair with rose hip oil...

I have recently been introduced to the wonder that is rose hip oil (from Vogue forums, where else!) I have very dry, fairly reactive skin, and whilst I don't exactly have an issue with spots, I just find my skin to generally be very dull and often uneven in tone. After reading rave reviews on this oil, I had to try it.

Two weeks ago, I purchased a little bottle of Trilogy Certified Organic rose hip oil, for just $16 from my local chemist - and I am officially in love! I especially adore that the Trilogy brand is cruelty-free and does not test on animals - massive bonus points!

Picture courtesy of Google Images

I am on Day 11 of using rose hip oil on my skin - every evening, after cleansing, I apply the oil to dry skin and massage in thoroughly. My skin is so dry it takes around 7 drops to get full coverage!

These photos were taken of me tonight, after I had cleansed and applied the rose hip oil - I am not wearing one iota of makeup, and they are not airbrushed or photoshopped (although due to the low megapixel quality of my digital camera, they are not the clearest photos ever).

I am ecstatic to say that I honestly think this is the best my skin has ever, ever looked. I have been wearing little more than a liquid blush on my face for the past week! No concealer! No foundation!! And for the first time in SO long, my skin doesn't feel dry or irritated, just nice and plump and hydrated.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough - it has achieved true Holy Grail beauty product status for me.

PS: You may have noticed I have only included my lower face in the photos. Two reasons - I don't particularly want to plaster my full face all over the net; and also, I don't apply the oil to my forehead, as I think it would make my fringe greasy, so I don't see any point in showing you the top half anyways.


  1. i am going to buy some tomorrow, i shall post the photos on my blog. i will do 2 weeks. i have really sensitive skin. i cant use soaps, normal makeups, sunscreens etc... thanks heaps for the info and shall let you know how i go... lastly , you look gorgeous. :)

  2. I'm a long-time devotee of rose hip oil, I first used it to great effect after a wild night out when I tripped and scraped my cheek...oh, the follies of youth!

    I just have to say though, your skin looks absolutely amazing. Cate Blanchett, eat your heart out!

  3. ooooh!! I'm so going to give this another go. I used it on my scar on my face and it healed pretty well, it's still there a smidge though. Thanks for the tip. ♥

  4. you always look gorgeous no matter what sweets

    luv u lots


  5. Great review! I'm off to the chemist first thing this morning to buy some rosehip oil for myself.

    Just a question - and it's probably silly - do you put a moisturiser on as well? Or is that overkill?

  6. Long time follower.. first time comment-er!

    This product looks fantastic; your skin is like porcelin! I would love to look into it, do you think it would work on all skin types or more for sensitive?


  7. Wow great results (although it looks like you have amazing skin to begin with). I've just started using my A'kin rose hip oil with the onset of autumn/winter and forgot how nice it is. It breaks me out ever so occasionally, maybe I'll try Trilogy next time :)

  8. i have similar skin! so this recommendation has just been written down in my diary to follow up this afternoon! thank you :)

  9. your skin looks amazing. i'm going to try this particular brand of rose hip oil. thanks for the rec!

  10. Thanks so much for the tip. I just bought the Kosmea one yesterday and put it on the other night. It definitely moisturised my skin and made it feel smooth, but my skin is not as good as yours to begin with.

    I got excited and put a bit on this morning too but for some reason I started to feel like it smells of fish oil. >_<

  11. Your skin looks flawless. I have a bottle of RHO that I have been neglecting for some time now - you've inspired me to dig it out again :)

    Please blog about your entire beauty routine. Pretty please :D

  12. I'm glad you reviewed this product. I wanted to try it all along (also from Vogue forums). Now I'm going to get it from the local pharmacy.

    Your skin looks fantastic (even to begin with) and you're really pretty x

  13. I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. It definitely moisturized my skin and made it feel smooth, but my skin is not as good as yours to begin with. I've just started using my tnlogy rose hip oil with the onset of autumn/winter and forgot how nice it is. Thanks for sharing with us….