Tuesday, April 20, 2010

by the hour - my day in pictures

I had the day off work today, to attend various medical appointments - this is one picture from every hour of my day today...

8:00am - Total nostalgia breakfast of a boiled egg with buttered toast soldiers (god I loved my sleep-in this morning!)

9:00am - Off to the pool to swim some laps...

10:00am - The delightful task of picking my outfit for the day...

11:00am - Physiotherapy appointment - this skeleton model cracks me up, 'Boneparte' LOL

12:00pm - My yummy lunch - mixed salad leaves with tasty cheddar, cucumber, avocado, roast red capsicum and mixed sunflower seeds and pepitas, mmm

1:00pm - Sitting in the waiting room before my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon - found out today I have a partial tear in my TCCC ligament in my wrist, hopefully it won't need surgical repair. I do, however, need an ultrasound-guided steroid injection into my shoulder, eep!

2:00pm - Picking up some yummy market goodies for dinner - organic plums anyone?

3:00pm - Bored and decided to organise my cosmetics/jewellery/accessories dresser (ie the spare room dresser LOL)

4:00pm - Tea time!

5:00pm - Washed the floors, with my fabulous Murchsion-Hume Floor Splash - my house is now full of  the subtle scent of white grapefruit

6:00pm - Checking my blog

7:oopm - Ok, I know, this is two photos - but I couldn't pick just one! The top is our dinner for tonight, a yummy vegetable pie, and the bottom shot is of the individual plum crumbles I made, to be served with homemade custard. Yum!



  1. I LOVE the idea of doing a shot per hour! Good work.
    I love soildiers so much I might have to have them for dinner tonight I think.

  2. cate - i had a steroid injection in my hip. if they tell you it doesn't hurt, believe them!

    the pie looks yum :)

  3. nom, nom, nom! These photos remind me of The Selby, yet with a beautiful personal touch. Thank you for sharing. ♥

  4. hey, great idea of the hourly photos! i think i may incorperate that into mine :)i will also mention your blog