Sunday, April 4, 2010

no more monday-itis...

Not this Monday anyway - hooray for the 4-day Easter long weekend! And for sleeping in, and long, lazy brunches, and all the fun things that come with not having to go in to work!

I am absolutely LOVING the cool weather we have had this weekend - any day that I can wear tights and not feel like I'm going to expire is a Good Day for me!

 MinkPink 'Valerie' floral dress
 Sewn waterfall jacket
 Tony Bianco 'Naomi' wedges
 Jag leather bag
 Vintage Casio watch

Being the predictable people we are, V and I headed in to lee&me for brunch this morning (after sleeping in deliciously late I might add - such a luxury!)

Can you tell from the look on my face that I NEED that gigantic coffee like nothing else - no, not smiling for the camera until I have had my caffeine fix!

I had the yummy blueberry hotcakes with butterscotch-nut sauce and vanilla ricotta...

V's breakfast - poached eggs on sourdough toast, with bacon, roast tomato and rocket...

After brunch, we headed to the Toyota dealership to test-drive a few cars - we are considering trading our cute little hatchback in for something more spacious

We test-drove a Camry and an Aurion. Both handled like an absolute DREAM - but of course V liked the Aurion a LOT better (being that it was the higher-range car and all haha) 

Personally I am still in two minds over buying a car with a 6Ltr Engine, when I think of our carbon footprint... I want to go back next weekend and try out the Hybrid. Any thoughts on Hybrid technology cars? Wanky, or a good ethical car choice?

Hope everyone has had a lovely long weekend!


  1. hybrid cars appear great, look into battery replacement at approx 10 yrs of age and around the $8-11 thousand price tag.

    i personally chose a 4 cyl with good torque range and the mitsubishi 5-10 warranty. ( i have an outlander)

    if toyota is your only choice i would go with the aurion or a kluger , in terms of carbon footprint rethink towards a diesel maybe? they get ridiculously great KMs from a tank.

  2. How great is the label Sewn?! I have a Sewn jacket, it's such a staple in my wardrobe. The floral print is lovely on that dress too.

    I agree with Dani re: diesel. It would be great if more cars could run on E85, unfortunately it's not widely available as a fuel yet. My boyfriend runs his car on E85 and it's very, very environmentally friendly. But you need a tuner and a car that can take the fuel etc, etc... ♥

  3. hybrid cars look like a great choice. there's lots coming out now as well so you have quite a few choices! apart from that my car knowledge expands no further.

    love the waterfall jacket and brown wedges :)

    A x

  4. Love your dress, sorry can't give you any tips re cars, I'm yet to get my drivers license! Whoops hopefully I'll get it this year, 24 isn't too late :) Good luck with your purchase.

  5. Love the outfit - I can't wait until it's cold enough to be wearing tights and cardigans all the time!

    Nick and I were looking at hybrids but the repair costs were a bit too scary. We ended up with a Corolla, which I love, but it might be a bit small for what you're looking for.

  6. I adore your dress and your brunch!
    Your long weekend sounds great :)
    As for cars - I have no advice except to say we have a Prius at work and colleagues and I spent about 10 minutes trying to work out how to turn the ignition on.
    My weekend was good - restful and productive study-wise. However, I smashed my phone today and I am a little bit sad - it's an iPhone and they are so expensive to purchase and fix. :(

  7. The food looks so good! Thanks for your comment. You are so sweet. I am very flattered. But unfortunately I am not a model. I wouldn't mind getting into the industry though, if only time would permit me. Btw, your sunnies look so cool!

    xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

  8. Aw the dress looks gorgeous on you! Love the shoes and cardi too :) Hope you had a lovely easter x Sushi

  9. I've driven an Aurion a few times as a hire car. They're great


  10. I'm pro-hybrid as well. I'm no expert but they seem like a great choice if you are looking for a mid-sized car.

    Do you watch Weeds? One of the characters (a gangster called U-turn) buys seven of them and says "I got my whole crew driving 'em. Real quiet. Good for sneaking up on muthaf*ckers"

  11. I work for the environment department so naturally all our cars are hybrid! The toyota prius is pretty easy to drive (once you work out how to turn it on and find the hand brake!) I find the visibility to be not great but there are lots of benefits so it all evens out!