Monday, April 5, 2010

food, glorious food...

Tonight for dinner, V and I made gnocchi in napoletana sauce...

First, I made a mixed-leaf salad with some chopped avocado - my favourite dressing for a green salad is some lemon juice and a bit of cracked pepper.

I use a sieve to fish out the cooked gnocchi...

Stir them into the sauce...

Et voila! So delicious!

The dinner table - complete with our black+blum 'the Loop' candleabra (I love candles at the dinner table, they're so romantic).

One of my more nana-like tendencies (and there are many!) is that I have to end a meal with a cup of tea. And it has to be a REAL cup of tea, made in a tea pot, and served in china cups and saucers. Its definitely a ritual of comfort...

I collect antique cups and other china (another nana habit! haha) - this is just a small selection of my collection.

Happy Monday!


  1. what a fabulous entry!! such sweet pictures. :)

  2. I would love to see the rest of your china collection! The only thing stopping me going nuts with it is the complete lack of storage in our house. Maybe once we move somewhere bigger...

  3. love the gorgeous tea cups! love the blog in general :-)

  4. Pretty cups!

  5. Go the Nanna habits! I have many of them too, fine china, tea, knitting and crafts, painting flowers, baking. Nannas sure know how to have fun!

  6. i only needed to read the first line of this post before i started salivating!!!
    why must pasta be fattening? i would eat it twice a day if i could.
    i love spaghetti and gnocchi best.
    nom nom nom.
    i am going to try some cracked pepper in my salad next time too!
    thank youuuu

    i also love tea! i make it with loose leaves in a pot. not so much a fan of tea bags.
    i like the T2 "detox" and "soothe" ones.
    but i dont have milk in them.

  7. Happy easter to you too hon :) Love your pretty tea set x Sushi