Friday, May 7, 2010

feast for the senses...

Thank goodness for the weekend - this week has been beyond insane, I was so relieved to sleep in this morning and not have to stress about various work-related issues!

I know its technically not Mothers' Day until tomorrow, but I have a baby shower to attend on Sunday, so as a family we decided to celebrate Mothers' Day today by taking Mum out for breakfast at Diggies, located right on the beach...

I love the decor at Diggies - very modern and chic

C-c-c-coffee!!!!! Yes, the gigantic bowl of cappuccino belongs to V!

Mmmm, fresh-squeezed juice - this little gem is called the O'Henry, and contains oranges, passionfruit and lime juice. Delish!

My breakfast - eggs benedict without the ham. This is SO delicious, despite looking a little boring in the photograph. They make the yummiest hollondaise here!

My gorgeous sister, R, eating blueberry buttermilk pancakes with banana and maple butter

My brother-in-law, G, insisted on posing like this, despite me warning him I would put the shot up on here! That gross-looking contraption on his arm is an IV drip of antibiotics running up under his skin and down into his chest - gag! He was under strict orders not to show me or I would throw up my breakfast

My brother's breakfast - toasted sourdough topped with bacon, tomato, roacket and poached egg, with asparagus and parmesan

Hash brown stack with poached egg, bacon and salsa verde - I think V was slightly disappointed with his breakfast (I mean, its pretty tiny!) But he said it was delicious so hopefully that balanced out the ridiculously small portion size

R and I - doing our best "Americas Next Top Model" pose lol

Cate wears:
 Sewn dress
 Country Road wool tights
 Tony Bianco wedges
 Sportsgirl bag
 Oroton Sunglasses
 Tiffany&Co rings

R wears:
 Cooper St dress
 Sportsgirl bag
 Nine West boots
 Georg Jensen rings

We always buy Mum flowers for Mothers Day - how gorgeous are these? Really unique looking, and they smell wonderful!

Have lovely weekends!


  1. your sister is gorgeous! Is she also a lawyer? I love your dress.

  2. You and your sister look gorgeous. Happy mother's day to your Mum - hope she's doing well.

    My Mum is here too and tonight I will cook her dinner and give her a present.

    As for your brother in law's drip - made me squirmish. When I have a drip in my arm, I can't look at the needle being inserted, or even when it's stuck in there, and I won't touc it because it makes me queasy. I HATE NEEDLES.

  3. You and your sister are gorgeous :) Love the peach dress on you, it's so pretty!

  4. Your dress is gorgeous! Love the colour

  5. *sighs* Diggies' food looks incredible!