Thursday, May 6, 2010

things that make me happy...

All of your kind words and sweet messages of support made me so happy to read - I appreciate them more than I can possibly say

Look - you have me smiling again!

I am feeling a million times better today - so I thought I would share a few things that make me happy!

Vogue magazine! Always brightens my day - and the stunning Samantha Harris is one of my favourite covergirls to date

Mmmmm, old-school chocolate...

Scrummy pasta - spirelli with rocket pesto, peas, panchetta and fresh rocket

Knitting - I LOVE knitting! Even though I can only knit scarves lol

Much love to you all


  1. I can only knit scarves too :/ and I cant even cast off properly so mine are pretty much never-ending...

  2. Yay for the power of the blog followers!
    I talked to my DiVine editor today and he said the great thing about online communities is that when you get criticism, you will always get a lot of supporters backing you

  3. I love knitting too-what are you making?

  4. I love to knit scarves too! Somehow they always end up springy and stretchy, I wonder if the needles I use are too thick?

  5. I'm much like yourself, I love knitting but can only knit scarves. It gets all too complicated otherwise!

    You have such gorgeous hair! Love the blunt straight fringe, definitely hair envy!


  6. Glad you're smiling again :) Love the new vogue cover, I might actually buy it this month!

  7. I wish I could knit. The furthest I have ever gone is with my Knitting Nancy that I had when I was a kid, but even then I got bored and moved onto something else. The new cover of Vogue is beautiful, but I wish they were doing covers as beautiful as March 2010 still. Keep smiling lady. ♥

  8. I too can only knit scarves, but I love it! It's so therapeutic and calming :)

  9. Did you know they've launched new Chokito(new formulation) - so if you like the old one get in quick to all the shops and stock up as they will be no more!

  10. we luv you lots kitty kat

    wen & zoe

  11. OM Chokito!!! I loved them as a kid, but my dad would only let me eat 1/3 of the bar, you can imagine how much I OD'd on them once I was 18...

    And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)