Saturday, May 15, 2010

glass half full...

Is the glass half empty or half full?

(I should note that, in the case of my coffee mug, its ALWAYS going to be half empty... and then completely empty... and then refilled! I loves my coffee! haha)

I am a glass-half-full kinda gal - most of the time. I don't let the little things in life get to me. Its not always sunshine and roses and smiley faces, but for the most part I am a pretty optimistic person. But this past week has been a little.. glass-half-empty for me. I've been letting the little things get me down, and I HATE that. But its not something you can always control I guess.

So, this weekend has been about fun things, and focusing on the positives, and just being happy. And its definitely working!

 Sewn shorts
 Cavour print tee
 Country Road cardigan
 Tony Bianco ballet flats
 Sportsgirl bag

In other news - in honour of Bloggers Without Make-up Day, here is a shot of me, sans make-up! (I should add a little disclaimer that I get my eyelashes tinted, hence they look quite dark in this shot - I don't think its cheating) I usually don't wear any make-up, it feels icky on my skin and dries it out. I do always wear liquid blush because I like a flushed cheek, but today I went au naturale! (I threw in the crazy hair for free)

I think we are so obsessed with the idea of the "perfect" beauty, and the need (as women) to make ourselves perfect by painting our faces - not only is it destructive to one's self-image, its incredibly sexist! The men in my office don't seem to feel the need to dab on concealer or a smidgen of blush (and trust me, some of them could use it!) It is so liberating not wearing make-up, and after all, aren't we all at our most beautiful when we are relaxed and comfortable in our own skins?

Be happy!


  1. You look great without makeup! And it's nice to see someone making an effort to have a positive outlook on life.. it's something i think about a lot- there are so many people i know who let themselves be victims to seeing everything in a negative light.

  2. You have beautiful skin!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend (to make up for the not-so-wonderful- week)

  3. Dear Florence, good work with the positivity. I am a big believer in finding happiness and joy in the smallest things. Negativity can lead to huffiness and sulking and it really is boring. Life is hard-we've all got to find happiness where we can. Someone once said to me that love is a decision. Although I don't know whether I actually believe this, I think that being happy, being positive and choosing to learn from awful things life throws at you are things that you can decide or choose to do. So well done You. I'm not obsessed with perfect beauty, but at my age, when I look good I feel better, so it's makeup for me! I am very comfortable in my own skin, but by God makeup gives me confidence. You do have lovely skin. Enjoy your Sunday.x

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  5. You're beautiful inside and out.

    I don't even know you and I can tell.


  6. You remind me of Florence from Florence and the Machine- total compliment as she too is a beaut! xx

  7. Your haircolor is beautiful!