Saturday, May 15, 2010

when the cold begins to strengthen...

I love long, lazy Sundays - lying in bed till the sun has long risen, breakfast cooked by a handsome husband, reading the paper over numerous pots of coffee... Blissful!

I'm also just loving the cold snap we've been having - being able to break out the winter boots and scarves is cause for celebration in my house!

Today I rugged up warm...

Raaawwr! My very best raptor impression...

 Witchery wool dress
 Country Road military-style cardigan and bamboo scarf
 Rivers ankle boots
 Oroton sunglasses
 Tiffany&Co rings
 Sportsgirl bag

Oh, these are the lemon delicious puddings I made last night - they were, well, delicious!

Happy Sunday!


  1. this is lovely. I love your smile!

  2. You look so beautiful when you smile :) :) :) I love your style, it's something I aspire to. Isn't lemon delicious the bomb diggity?! Hope you had an amazing weekend lady. ♥

  3. love winter too! you look fantastic, but too nice to be a raptor, your raptorness is -100 LOL... love danielle

  4. such a cute outfit!
    the ankle boots and opaques its one of my fav looks.
    i agree with mez
    you look cute x 1000 in the smiling pics.

  5. The lemon pudding look amazing! Any chance of you sharing the recipe? x

  6. so nice to see your smile on your blog, cate!

  7. You have totally got layering down here - the perfect winter look. I am completely with you on long lazy Sundays xx

  8. You look so cute!

    I love love love your outfit, nothing beats cardis, scarves and boots in winter! <3


  9. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  10. OMG you look sooooo young. You could totes pass for 21!!!!!!


  11. Just found your blog and loves it... Cats, tea, boots,lemon flavoured food, new Aussie shops (I've just moved from the UK to Melbs and L.O.V.E-ing Sportsgirl)... Thanking you muchly xx

  12. you look gorgeous when you smile :)
    winter is the best season for fashion

  13. Gorgeous! I love that dress! Love it! I also love breakfast cooked my Handsome Husband. Hehe. It's the best part of Sundays...or Mondays...or Tuesdays...