Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i think my cat has been reading my diary...

V and I received some scary news today - our lovely kittycat Jade needed a trip to the vet, with a suspected bladder infection, but the vet seems to think she may have a kidney stone. And if that's the case, she will need surgery :(

My last cat passed away at the vet's surgery, aged 13 years. She wasn't eating, and they wanted to x-ray her lungs, which required her to have an anesthetic. She just never woke up. The single biggest regret of my life is that she died in the cold, sterile surrounds of the vet surgery rather than peacefully, on my bed, where she belonged.

And I am absolutely petrified that the same thing is going to happen with my lovely Jade. That I am going to get the call telling me she is gone. Or that the vet will call tomorrow and tell me its not actually a kidney stone, its kidney disease, or cancer, and she should be put down. I am trying not to freak out, trying not to cry - focus on the positives.

So this is my lovely Jade...

She is 9 years old. She is a tortoiseshell tabby. She is named Jade for her big, green eyes. She looks like she is wearing eyeliner and mascara. I think she must put it on at night when I’m asleep – wouldn’t do to be caught with an unmade face!

I adopted her from the RSPCA in 2002, when she was just 10 months old, not quite adult, but no longer a kitten – apparently the Rangers found her walking along the side of the highway, halfway between Goulburn and Canberra. I liked that she was gutsy and looking for someone to love her, even after being dumped. I picked her up and she just grabbed me, her eyes saying, “Please take me home with you”.

She is the sweetest, most affectionate cat I’ve ever known. She has to sleep under the covers of our bed at night, curled around my arm – if I refuse to let her under, she cries. She likes sitting on my laptop, or the newspaper, or a book, if I am wasting time blogging or reading or working, rather than cuddling her.

She is playful and very kitten-like in her behaviour, despite being a “mature” cat. She loves lying on the top step of our carpeted starcaise and slowly sliding down, like a big, furry slinky. She will plays for hours with a piece of scrunched paper.

She is a wonderful big sister to Jasper, after the initial shock had worn off (when we first brought him home she beat him up every day and refused to speak to us for weeks). She grooms him and cuddles him, when she thinks we aren’t looking.

I love her. Please keep her in your thoughts tomorrow.


  1. What a gorgeous tribute to Jade.
    Thinking of you and V, and Jade tomorrow. I hope it's a positive outcome and Jade can continue to bring you joy.
    I've lost two dogs to sudden death in two months - I know how difficult it can be.
    Lots of love, you're in my thoughts.

  2. That made me sad :( Such a beautiful story about a beautiful cat, your love for her shines. I hope she is ok. xo

  3. What's with our cats lately?! I'll be thinking of Jade - she's absolutely gorgeous and sounds like a wonderful kitty. I hope it all goes well.

  4. aww good luck with your baby.
    i hope everything turns out well.
    i will be thinking about her.
    get well soon jade

  5. What a beautiful kitty! Don't worry, I'm sure everything will turn out fine. I'm the same way with my cat - every time something goes awry with her I worry to death that she's going to die. My girl is 15 so she's an old lady, and even though I've only had her for a year and a half, I love her to death. So, I feel your pain, but just focus on enjoying time with her and not what might go wrong

  6. Oh dear - my first visit to your blog and I so understand! I am the loving and overprotective "Human Momma" to a big furry orange boy and understand well the love and friendship they give us. I will keep you and your sweet Jade in my thoughts. She is lovely and looks like quite the snuggler.

  7. OH poor Jade! She's 100% adorable.

    Try not to worry too much, I know it's hard when they are your pets and you would give up anything for them to be healthy and have a happy home. I have every confidence she will be OK, our cats went in and out of the vets a few times at about Jade's age, I think it's just what happens when cats get to "that age" (shhh don't tell her I said that!). Cat's are resilient and she is obviously a survivor :)

    I will be thinking of all of you, wishing you all the best healthiest thoughts!

    xox Skek

  8. My tigga cat has been through heaps, and everytime my heart skips a beat. i love him more than anything. he is my baby. he had similar symptoms to jade and it just so happened it was magnesium crystals growing in his bladder , apparently wet cat food can do it.
    This week he went for a walk for 5 days , i was stressing big time, then he wonders in and meows at me like 'well wheres my bikkies woman?'

    Jade will be ok. thinking of you guys xxx

  9. I know how you feel...

    My beautiful boy passed away this year (aged 12), he never had a problem and then one morning he was wobbly on his feet so we took him to the vet, an xray later we were told he had spinal cancer. We opted for surgery that day and the vet reassured me that if anything went wrong they would keep him alive so I could be with him when he passed away - that didn't happen - i got the 'im sorry but we lost him' call, and like you it continually breaks my heart that he left this world without his mummy by his side.

    When you love an animal you love them with every part of your being - they bring you so much joy and happiness, but when they leave it brings your world crashing down. Whilst I will pray for your little one just treasure her as much as possible in the meantime and let her know how much you love her and that you will be there for her. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  10. Oh I hope that Jade is ok!

    Thinking of you


  11. She sounds so lovely! I am a veterinary nurse, every anaesthetic is a risk but is usually very very safe and she will be much better with that stone out! What happened to your last kitty is very rare, how awful for you. Im sure there would have been a nice vet or nurse that would have been holding her little paw, if thats any comfort. Get them to run a blood profile first and get her on some IV fluids too. Let us know how she goes! x

  12. Jade sounds so beautiful Kate, and it's so nice to hear someone who is not ashamed to admit how much they love their furry babies. Our cat Sootie was quite sick last year, so ill that she was in "intensive care" on a 24 hour a day drip for 2 weeks. We were told to have her put to sleep because she was so "feral" until one day a new vet had a look at her and said the reason she was so "feral" was because she was suffering terribly from a twisted bowel caused by IBS. We spent a lot of money and time getting her well and today she is the best and most loving furry human (she assures us she is not a cat) anyone could ask for, and at 13 years old behaves like she's still a kitten. Just stay strong and don't let her know you're frightened. All will be well
    xo Amira

  13. Good luck beautiful Jade, my thoughts are with you tomorrow.

    Thank you for your post. My beautiful doggie had to get put down three years ago (this Monday to be exact) and I didn't stay with him during the process. I still feel horrible and i think I will live with that for the rest of my life. It's sad you have a similar regret, but kind of makes me feel better at the same time.

    Keep us posted on Jade xx

  14. Sasha VleeshouwerJune 16, 2010 at 2:59 AM

    I hope everything goes OK. She is just gorgeous but perhaps I am biased as my little pussy cat is also a tortie tabby and looks very similar to your Jade. It seems like a rareish colour.

    Best wishes xx
    Sasha (sashmanash)