Wednesday, June 16, 2010

many thanks for your kind words...

And your thoughts :)
I am overjoyed to announce that Ms Jade is doing fine - better than fine, she is curled up on her favourite (forbidden lol) angora rug near the heater, snoozing and purring.

Turns out it wasn't a kidney stone at all, it was just a bladder infection! They put her under at the vet surgery so they could get a urine sample (poor bubba was holding it since last night 'cause it hurt so much!), and had called me to advise me of this and say they wanted to perform the surgery at the same time, to avoid a double anasthetic. I gave the go-ahead... and then got the call a couple of hours later telling me that they has evacuated her bladder and couldn't feel any stone there so didn't even need to operate. Yay!

She has been given painkillers and a long dose of antibiotics, and special cat food to stop the bladder infection happening again. V and I are so relieved and so thrilled to have our girl home again.

Much love to you all

EDIT: I just have to add, I have realised that I think Jade is fairly STONED at the moment haha :D The anasthetic is obviously still wearing off! I gave her a cuddle a moment ago and she was like, Duuuuude why'd you move me? Lol


  1. she looks um happy? lol... no in all seriousness glad shes ok x

  2. haha that's her "get that camera outta my face" face :D
    I take my hat off to cat photographers, I can never manage to get good shots of my two they always move!

  3. yay that's great news. So happy to hear she's ok :)

  4. I am really glad she's OK (as a pet owner, I completely understand your worry and pain). Jade is obviously a very loved kitty cat, and I agree with the above poster that she looks especially cat like (eg unimpressed) in her photo...

  5. hello darling!
    so glad ms jade is on the mend!
    love the previous story of how she became yours!
    i'm on the look out for a new kitty!
    my beloved passed just over a year ago, after 15 years together, and now i'm finally at a stage where i'm ok to get a new one :)
    i've been making boyf take me to the cats home and rspca every week or so for a stickybeak! haha
    give ms jade a snuggle for me.
    much love

  6. So glad your darling is okay! I'm amazed at how common UTIs are in cats, who knew? I think Royal Canin does a special dry food that's meant to be good for preventing them. But I know it's super scary - I just read your previous post and really feel for you, my old cat Tigger died at the vet and I'm still quite haunted by the memory.

    Belle got really sick a few months ago, and I was meant to be going to Hong Kong that evening. I ended up changing my flight to stay with her and take to the vet. She kept leading me to her litter tray and then making a demonstrated and futile effort to go - and then would look at me with these big scared eyes. Couldn't have been clearer! The vet wanted a urine sample, so I basically had to lock us both in the bathroom with a litter tray of polystyrene balls , bowls of chicken soup wait it out.

    The things we do for our furry glad Jade is feeling better and give her a kiss on the head for me!


  7. Awww poor lil kitty. Our gorgeous cat has the same problem but he was completely obstructed and almost died. Took a long time for him to get back to normal... so glad he survived though. I'd do anything for that cat.

    Look after your beautiful Jade. Glad to hear she's ok.

  8. Yay! Pretty kitty is ok (as I knew she would be!)

  9. Aww very glad to see that she is ok!

  10. Yay, I'm so glad she's doing well! She's absolutely beautiful.

    My old cat (Zoe) came home from the vets completely stoned after being desexed. She was trying to walk around and kept falling over, poor girl. I felt bad for laughing at her!

  11. Nawww - poor pussa. I'm sure she was in good hands! I used to be a vet nurse and know exactly what they would have done :)
    From one cat lover to another - I'm glad she's ok!!

  12. she does look stoned haha... but so glad she's fine :)

  13. I'm soooooo glad she is fine! I can totally understand how you feel. I cried for them when my babies were in the cattery for a week because my apt flooded. I was missing them so much that I felt absolutely upset without them.