Saturday, June 12, 2010

meet veronika (+dinner at samuels restaurant)...

My early birthday present from V - an absolutely stunning cashmere Veronika Maine coat! I just adore it, its the warmest, cosiest coat I've ever worn and also the most flattering. Its styled beautifully, and the colour suits me perfectly. Snaps to V for a perfect present!

I have of course christened my new coat Veronika - and I wore her out to dinner tonight for my sister's birthday

I'm also wearing my Sretsis double bow dress in windsor purple, not that you can tell in these photos (and not that anyone could tell all night! but more on that later)

Whaaaaaat is with this pose?! LOL

We kicked off the night with drinks at the little bar attached to the restaurant - I loved the decor!

Quote of the day painted on one of the ceiling beams - "I once prayed to God for a bike, but quickly found out he didn't work that way. So I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness". Absolute gold.

Yummy cocktails - a cosmo and a pomme de mere (something delicious involving apple schnappes, vodka and cinnamon - like an apple pie in a martini glass!)

We then moved next-door for dinner at Samuels Restaurant at Thirroul. Now, I am sorry to confess that I don't have any food photos of dinner at Samuels, or indeed many good photos at all. The night did not start out so well, to be completely honest.

On arrival, we found that we had been allocated a table outside - at 7pm in the middle of winter! Granted, we don't live in a sub-zero climate, but it was cold! There were two little gas heaters going, which didn't do much to take the chill off, and plastic awnings around the area, where two other groups of people were eating. Unfortunately, there was a good 10-inch gap between the floor and the plastic awning, meaning the frigid breeze would hit our legs and feet. When one of us complained about this we were offered.... BLANKETS. Yep, faux-fur blankets! At a 5-star restaurant, the solution to the cold is to put a blanket on your feet. (And I might add, they did NOTHING to warm one's icy toes)

Now, I have no problem eating outside (well, in winter I do!) But if its a little bistro or cafe-style restaurant, fine. But when I'm paying $70+ per person to eat 5-star cuisine, I do not want to be seated out in the wintry night, on what felt like rickety garden chairs, with my lips slowly turning blue! I was also pissed off that I was wearing my nice Sretsis dress but never got a chance to take off my coat because it was so bloody cold!

Anyway, long story short, my darling Mum saw me shivering away, and knowing that I am currently battling a chest and throat infection, complained to the waiter and had us moved to an empty table inside - yep, there was an empty table for 8 just sitting inside! Why the bejeesus they sat us out there in the first place is beyond me, especially as Mum said she had requested a table out of the cold when she booked.

Another massive turn-off was the serious delay - waiting for one hour for your entree, then another for your main, then another for dessert/coffee, does not really sit well with me.

The food was very nice, we drank lots of yummy French champagne and good wine, I had a good evening with friends and family. I was just disappointed that such a classy restaurant had such a poor seating plan given its the middle of winter. Would I go back? Hmmmm maybe. I would have to think long and hard about that one.

V's all-time favourite dessert, affogato with frangelico

Hope you are all having a lovely long weekend!


  1. absolutly gorgeous coat! definite snaps to your sister!

    Pitty about the beginning of the night :( I hate it when restaurants have no sense!

    Glad you had a good night though!

    Fashion from Feline Eyes


  2. Yummmmmmm I love affogato!!! When H is at work the waiter's always explain if something will take a period of time, due to there being a tiny kitchen with only 3 chefs on busy nights it's hard to pump out food quickly that is of the quality people expect. Some people last night ordered steak, the waiter said it would take 40 mins and offered them entrees to bide the time, the patrons declined the entrees and demanded steak. H had the food on the pass 40 mins on the dot (the docket is time stamped) and the patrons still complained :( I guess you can't please everyone.

    Please show us pictures of your pretty dress!! I can't believe they sat you outside!?! Without even offering a table inside... that's TERRIBLE service.



  3. It's so annoying when service does not reflect the price you're paying.. if it's a $10 meal then you can't really complain but when it's 5 star it's not acceptable! At least the food was good and that coat is gorgeous. Hope you get well soon x

  4. Love your coat, it looks perfect on you :) and drooling over that affogato...

    but shame about the service. Seating you outside on a Winters night especially where there is an available table inside makes NO sense.

  5. I love that coat and may investigate if there's a size 10 in Melbourne...
    You look so lovely in it.

    I also hate sitting out in the cold. I hope you are on the mend.

  6. I have this coat in petrol and it looks fantastic with heels but I'm not quite sure how to style it when wearing flats. I'm quite short (163 cm) so I fear my legs will look like mere stumps!

    Will you be pairing yours with heels only? I'd love to see you wear it with flats but you have such a lovely figure, it wouldn't be the same on me!