Friday, June 11, 2010

hey girl, its your birthday...

Well, mine isn't until next Wednesday. But it was my sister's birthday last Thursday (and my Mum's!), and my brother's last Friday - June is an expensive month in my family!

My sister has driven up the coast today to stay the weekend, so we are heading out to dinner tonight for her belated birthday party.

V and I met my sister in town for coffee, and to give her her present - a Pandora charm for her bracelet, and some angora gloves (it gets cold where she lives)

I love this dress because of the bright, summery colour and how floaty it is, but especially 'cause it has BOWS on it! Lots and lots of little bows. Love!

MinkPink bow-print dress
Country Road cardigan and pashmina
Sportsgirl leather tote
Bow hairclip from Diva

As part of my (early) birthday present, my mother-in-law bought me a scratchie - and I won $50 on it! Woohoo!

My sister's little dauschaund, Hercules...

Puppy snuggles - soooo cute! I may just kidnap him

Another early birthday present, from my gorgeous sister - when I unwrapped it I about started hyperventilating, it is SO similar to the gorgeous Lipsy ballerina net skirt I had been lemming for months and months (but was unable to have shipped to Australia *cries*). This is just divine and so me, I love it.

I also received another early birthday present, from V - which I plan on wearing out to dinner tonight, so stay tuned for more photos later!


  1. You won $50 on a scratchie!!! That's the most I've EVER heard anyone win wooooooooooooo! I love the neutral scarf with the yellow dress those colours go so well together. Happpppy birthday in advance lady bug!!! I hope you have an amazing day.

  2. Happy birthday to you and your sister! Gorgeous outfit.

    And I have been lemming that skirt for aaages! It looks so similar to the Lipsy one, what a find!

  3. Gorgeous doggy, GORGEOUS skirt and gorgeous bow dress. A perfect trifecta! Happy birthday for next week and I hope you have a lovely day.

  4. What a beautiful skirt! and congrats on your scratchie win! I've never won more than $2. Hope you have a wonderful birthday week! XO

  5. How awesome you won on the scratchie - best feeling ever!
    And I love the 'big name of the little dog, it just makes him even cuter :)

  6. cute dress! i love minkpink :)

    and hercules is so gorgeous, i have dachshunds too.

  7. Happy birthday to you and all your family!

    Such a pretty skirt lucky girl! and the fact you were lusting after a similar one is an awesome bonus!

    Congrats on the scratchy win too! dont think $50 wins are very common at all!

    Fashion from Feline Eyes


  8. Your style so relaxed. Are you going for the messy/young look?

  9. OMG, cutest dog ever!
    And that's all I have to say about that! :)


  10. $50 on a scratchie is unheard of!!!

    Yellow looks lovely on you too.