Friday, July 16, 2010

bag lady fashion...

Hooray for a fine, bright weekend! We were up and about early this morning - V is on a health-kick so he was off to the gym at 7am (I stayed snuggled up in bed, oopsy!) And then we did our usual (predictable) weekend thang and headed into lee&me for breakfast, and on into town to do some shopping...

It was so nice and temperate today I reeeeally wanted to wear a dress, preferably something floral

The addition of woollen stockings, boots and a cardigan = very warm and comfortable

"Ooooh look, a shiny!"

Not exactly sure how fashion-forward this look is, I'm thinking its a little more Bag Lady than anything, but I was in the mood for a bizarre combo this morning

Forever New cotton maxi dress
Supre woollen cardigan
Rivers ankle boots (not really visible in these pics)
Jag leather tote and silver charm necklace

V had the free-range poached eggs on sourdough with rocket and roast tomatoes

This granola, fruit and yoghurt is the bomb! I ordered it for breakfast last Thursday and they had run out, and I almost cried (kidding). Seriously though, so yummy

Hiding behind my giant cappuccino (don't ask)...

And a great, big birthday shout-out to Z, who turned 1 today! Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!

V and I are going to her birthday party tomorrow, and had SO much fun choosing and wrapping her present! I did take some pics of what we bought her, but Z's Mum reads this blog and we were worried she might tell Z ;)

Hope you are all having gorgeous, relaxing weekends!


  1. I love this outfit and you have inspired me to wear a maxi dress soon :)

  2. You really rock the maxi look! I can't wait for summer or spring to be here I can finally try out the maxi look! I toyed with the idea last summer...tried on two of them...but it was winter before I could commit to buying any!

  3. Love your outfit! So not a bag lady :) Can't wait to see what you bought for Z!

  4. gorgeous outfit, here's hoping Spring comes early! also loving all your work outfits, so stylish!