Saturday, July 17, 2010

the transcendental lentil...

I love lentils! They are so tasty and SO good for you - and they are kind of cute little pulses to boot :)

These are French green, or puy lentils - I picked them up at the markets yesterday, with vague plans to make a vegetable and lentil soup for dinner over the weekend.

As FauxFuchsia would say, I used the lentils to action a pot of the world's best soup for dinner - it cooked for 3 hours and was absolutely divine.

I needed rosemary for the world's best soup, so I ducked around to my parents' house and nabbed some from their rosemary bush. It was flowering, and the little blue flowers were so pretty and subtly fragrant, I picked some and put them in a bottle in our living room. I think herbs can be just as beautiful and sweet-smelling as flowers!

And to end the day, a pot of tea and a magazine - bliss!


  1. Puy lentils and rosemary together in a soup, sounds sooooo good to me. The flowers are certainly pretty and the smell of rosemary, quite soothing.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. That looks so so yummy :) I'm "actioning" a pumpkin, ginger and sweet potato soup for dinner right now. mmm

    Love the herb idea, that's genius. I think I might try that.