Monday, July 26, 2010

a colourful start to the week...

Today was a good start to the week - the lovely B started work in the local office! We kinda sorta poached her from the Sydney office. She wanted to come down here anyway (more of a challenge for her, and closer to home). And we are thrilled to have her on board, she's brilliant!

The lovely B brought with her a lovely lolly jar - curse her! Would you believe me if I said the jar was full at the start of the day? (It wasn't, but I swear I've eaten about half a dozen lolly snakes today). Look for me tomorrow, bouncing off the walls, on a sugar high haha

In other news, V and I went out to the local pho cafe for dinner tonight. We had yummy Jasmine tea...

And noodle soup! Mmmm, vegetarian noodle soup, and wonton noodle soup, full of fresh, yummy veges and slurp-fully delicious noodles. (Yeah, I made a word up). Perfect on a cold night.


  1. Yay to get a lovely colleague at your office :)

    I also went out to have Asian food tonight. We had cheapo Chinese though. Green tea, garlic pork and vegetables and rice paper rolls.
    So yummy.

    Wishing you a great day tomorrow.

    PS - loving these weeknight blog entries.

  2. is half a dozen a lot for you? :p

    oh how i wish that was a lot for me.

  3. Oh that tea looks delicious, was it yummy?

  4. Is it normal that after eating a whole packet of marshmallows and feeling sick for it, I saw your photos of the jar of lollies and wanted some?

  5. totally cursing her i want candy too!!

    follow if u like what u see?


  6. I love a noodle soup. Meanwhile pls answer the Q on my blog x