Saturday, July 24, 2010

teeny tiny artworks...

I thought I might share some shots of the amazing models that V creates in his spare time. The detail that goes into them is truly amazing, and requires more patience than I could ever have - they are truly artworks, in my eyes. My inner geek loves this sort of thing so much!

These are just a few (a very few!) of the many created by V...

I love this one because its so gross - especially the warty things on the tongue of that freaky little monster. Awesome.

Being a massive Lord of the Rings fan, I must admit I am more than a little partial to a bit of Sauron the Deceiver...

And a cave troll!

This won second prize in a model painting competition. Keep in mind that the combination of my dodgy point-and-shoot and blogger sadly washes out my photos - the colours in this are rich and amazing

And the detail is mindblowing

Many, many, many hours went into creating this piece, which made it through to the finals in the inaugural Golden Demon competition - the Ice Dragon. The scales on the wings are all painted free-hand

Again, so much of the richness of the colour is lost in these shots...



  1. OMG. My husband is crazy into Warhammer - actually I was thinking of writing a post about his obsession. Anyways, he is extremely impressed by V's skills! Does V just paint WH miniatures or also play?

  2. WOW just WOW !!!!!

    Wat an amazing talent he he has , the detail is just mind blowing !!!

  3. I know how much work goes into these. Simply stunning - the detail on the blue in the dragon's wings is awesome (at least I hope it's a dragon!). You have a very talented V on your hands, there :)

  4. Gorgeous! Talented man indeed x

  5. Wow, these are great. Does V paint them only, or carve them too?

  6. Thanks so much guys!

    @Carly, V just paints them, but the models come in pieces that have to be assembled first. He has customised some in the past, but never sculpted one from scratch.

    @RiotersBloc - Wow, I have found another Warhammer widow! LOL kidding, I actually love it and have been to comps with him :D V has played on occasion in the past but is more into painting the models. He did once build a tabletop game base for something new to do, and gave it to the local Games Workshop - they were stoked!

  7. These are brilliant, so talented :)

  8. Awww that's so nice! :) Mr. RB has just recently gotten back into it since the 8th edition was released, and the majority of the time that he's not working and I'm not home he spends at GW now. He wants to start going to tournaments soon. I don't think I can be as supportive as you though because I just don't get it, but I try!

  9. Warhammer!! V is so talented, they look really amazing :)

    I love the blue scales on the dragon's wings. Lovely!